30 Days Of Poetry (Day 1)

Your frontal lobe is leaking battery acid
Instead of attempting to be drained and flaccid
Instead of pulling rabbits out of hats
for an audience of women who really need their backs kicked
why don’t you spend some time figuring out
what part of the electro-magnetic spectrum
your next thought is going to vibrate from.

Your ears are vomiting blood profusely
do you see what you are listening to?
Or do you prefer to dream in braille?
The artist of corporate castles
have decided that they have had enough with poverty
they no longer have the time to be bother with the
ends and outs of actually being creative
and have opted for sensationalized idioms
That’s when they take a theory they haven’t studied
and do a video that saves them money
place a naked body somewhere on the screen
and call it impregnated with social and political commentary.
No wonder the world has lost its way
the dreamers have sold their dreams for half the pay
at least with plastic women I get it my way…
no interpretation of mixed signals sexually portrayed
if she says “fuck” she don’t mean “shoot”…
and even if she do
she’s only letting me know that the video is through…