Evolving Blacks???

As Western people continue to evolve, according to the heuristics of Western science, media messages continue to perpetuate the acceptance of the reverse analog. When a group of people are conditioned to accept that white people are closer to god, have higher forms of intelligence, are justified in their acts of violence, then that group of people will consider themselves as based on the opposite. One of the more less discussed aspects of the Obama campaign was the issue of Blacks supporting him because he was palatable to white voters. After the election of Barack Obama, I was sitting around a table with a group of women. Of these women, five were Black, and one was white. As the conversation transformed from a discussion on getting rid of George Bush to the racial make-up of Obama, a moment of clarity pronounced itself.

The Black women of an older age let out the comment that the White woman was going to have to deal with Barack being Black out. To which the White woman retorted,”He’s half-white.” A verity, in fact, one that many wish to sweep under one of those expensive and large Persian rugs. Moreover, the acceptance of Barack Obama by Whites is based on his ability to “code switch.” I am one of those Black academic types (I choked down a laugh typing it too) that takes issue with phrases such as “code-switching.” Code-switching is rooted by the word “code.” Code implies either a language used to build a program for an inanimate object to act in the manner that a human will want it to. If not that, code implies an encrypted language used to hide information from an enemy. Thus, either those able to code switch are using the language necessary to appear humane for the controlling of others, or they are using the language to hide something from their enemies.

The question that comes to my mind after writing such is this: Is Obama a negro (dead or inanimate black object) that is able to understand a programming language that will allow others to use him to control other negroes? Is Obama skilled at espionage? If the case is the latter, then who is Obama commissioned by as a spy? Who is Obama’s code-switching capabilities benefitting?

Many have suggested that Obama is a modern day real life (as opposed to fiction) Dan Freeman. Dan Freeman is the protagonist of Sam Greenlee’s “The Spook Who Sat By The Door”. Dan is characterized by his urban Chicago roots and his black nationalist beliefs. Dan is able to be accepted through a CIA program specifically seeking out African-Americans (sound familiar). Dan excels through the training regiment and after fulfilling certain obligations he returns to the urban Chicago area as a social worker. In this capacity, he recruits a gang of young black men and leads a guerilla style attack for liberating the land.
This story tickles me in such a way that my liver begins to produce bile that my stomach rejects, sending acid-laden and reducted food back up my esophagus and through my mouth. Usually on my Obama towels. I kid, I don’t own any Obama towels.

The danger here is that Blacks have suffered from such a cultural attenuation, a reduction of their own developed cultural signs, signals, representations and behaviors that we have allowed any person behaving counter to what we have been accustomed to reflecting as culturally adept as “Black” to get what we refer to as a “pass”. In our failure to protect, not recreate, but protect our expressions of viable life sustaining practices, we have allowed our culture to be defined by stereotypical representations handed down through generations.

In that process, we have attempted to separate ourselves from those that we deem “Black”, and thus the Black community. We have allowed our elites to be defined by the same historical context that our oppressors used to form the United States’ economic stratafication, or caste system. Namely, the use of “mulattos” and “house slaves” as overseers and directors of proper behavior among the rest of the Black slaves. In an economic system, those that control the wealth have the benefit of controlling who will receive monetary gain through work. In the United States, the White race has conquered through various deceptions, terrorisms, and human atrocities the wealth of this land. Those that have become the inheritors of that wealth now are in the position to dictate who will be able to receive what.

Historically, those Blacks that can behave or appear in conjunction with the cultural artifacts of the White race will be allowed access to jobs with greater benefits. This is at the root of the assimilation dialogue in America.

In order for many blacks to provide for themselves they are forced to assimilate. Those that are not able are forced to behave according to the images promoted by whites to further the belief among the world that Blacks born in the United States are savages, are of lower intelligence and cannot supplement a system of science and arts. What many historians will not tell you is that no group of people have been able to provide such without a luxury class. Unfortunately, as hinted above, the luxury class of Blacks in the United States is hand selected in most regards by the White structure.

To believe that a Black person fighting the various elements incubated in impoverished zones of this country can find a means to produce the environments necessary to buttress volumes of scientific inquiry, resolution, and coherence as a standard lacks proper mathematical deduction. It is the same as believing that cave men who believed that women hindered survival, and developed a culture of homosexuality as a means to stave off the libido while being attacked on all fronts could produce the culture of the Kemetians (Ancient Egyptians). There is simply no historical evidence of such occurring, and the logic is simply a fantastical voyage into folly.

The separation of those Blacks allowed to become scientists and being pulled from the body of the Black community creates a brain drain and an economic vacuity for those that remain to fight off the starving and necessity driven. What we refer to as the Lumpenproletariat. The misunderstanding of many Blacks is that the criminal element of the Lumpen are to blame. If we are take a close examination of most prison populations, regardless of the security level of the concentration camp, we will witness a stunning reality. That being that most of the population is composed of the working class.

Black people are simply not the “savages” that the media wishes to define them as. The prisons themselves work in the same manner as the caves of the Caucus mountain have: They produce a hypermasculine culture of individuals determined to survive by whatever methods at their disposal. While we accept the conservative White viewpoint of criminals being a threat to the taxpayer and society, it should be considered how much society and taxpayer have helped to create the environments that force many to behave against the state.

Historically, there have been systematic blows to Blacks attempting to gain economic freedom, let alone freedom of person. This is easily argued by the destruction of viable Black communities such as Greenwood, Oklahoma (affectionately referred to as “Negro Wallstreet”) and the neighborhoods occupied by the Move organization in Philadelphia. Both of these thriving communities were criminalized and attacked by White rioters and military air strikes. It moves me to compare the air strikes and tactics used in Afghanistan to allegedly capture war criminals attached to Al-Qaeda.

The confident footing of the Black in the United States is based on entertainment of the White Race as well as attempting to behave in accordance with the behavior of Whites. Without viable economic resources solely rooted in the Black community and Black culture this particular development will proceed through time. The very procedure stabilizes the economic stratafication, or caste system that is the United States economy. As long as Black people entrenched in the United States remain without an answer that rebuts the White oppressor regarding their position on the “evolutionary” chain, they will only continue to assist in their economic and ecological oppression. The defining of what is an appropriate expression of Black behavior must be left upon the shoulders of Blacks that is not inhibited by White economic appeals. If Blacks are to continue to choose their leadership, and suppress their voice (cultural attentuation) based on White acceptance, they will not achieve anything more than brain drains and confused children seeking to avoid being amongst Black people.

The media expressions allowed to become mainstream by Black entertainers will never supplement the liberation of Black culture. No matter how many Black athletes become millionaires, no matter how many Black rappers become millionaires, they will only be used as a ruler against the White Billionaires in science and technology (eugenics, anybody?). In a country with resources such as the U.S., the number one thing that Blacks must establish is cultural wealth.

Cultural wealth must not be hinged on what the media provides for as Black culture. If the answer to the question,”What is being Black?” in any way leans on a definition provided by media as opposed to the actual activities of Black peoples, it must be discarded. Nothing that has been allowed to penetrate White gatekeepers and filters can be trusted as a worthy definition in a country that has a consistent record of fighting to establish a caste system such as found in the United States. If Blacks cannot learn to turn to themselves and become an insular economic irrigation system such as every other people of the United States and the world, we, Black people of the wilderness of the United States of America, will indefinitely find ourselves in an utopia of White oppressors.