A Bottle of Juice and Pack of Skittles…

“A bottle of juice is no excuse, the truth hurts…”- Tupac Shakur



Latasha Harlins was killed having a bottle of orange juice in her backpack.


On March 16, 1991, Latasha Harlins was murdered for defending her Self after being harassed by a Korean store owner that erroneously thought Latasha was attempting to take a bottle of orange juice without paying for it. Latasha was murdered at the age of 15 in Los Angeles, California. Her murder inspired West Coast musician and one of the co-members of the original NWA and Posse, Ice Cube, to pen and produce, “Black Korea” on his 1991 classic, “Death Certificate” where Great Khalid Muhammad also delivered uplifting and awareness raising poetry. It has been claimed that the murder of Latasha was one of many impetus for 1992’s L.A. uprisings by local Afkan(Afrikan Amerikkkan) citizens.


Latasha’s killer, Soon Ja Du, 51 years old, would be found guilty of voluntary manslaughter after leveling Latasha’s body and leaving young Latasha’s body to begin rigor mortis in her hands around two dollar bills. Du would only be sentenced to 5 years of probation, 400 hours of community service, and a $500 fine.


That was March 1991. In March 2012…


During halftime of this year’s(2012) NBA All-Star Game, Trayvon Martin, a 17 year young high school Junior of a Miami community visiting his father in Sanford, Florida was on his way from a convenience store. According to reports, Trayvon went to said store with intentions of purchasing candy for his younger sibling. While in route back, young Trayvon was stalked by Anglo or European-American militant white terrororist, George Zimmerman. Zimmerman, a 26 year old college student and leader of a United States terrorist cell, The Retreat.


Zimmerman, while stalking young Trayvon, placed a call to police, alerting them that he might have a potential threat to his post. Soon, 17 year young Trayvon would be dead from a 9mm gun shot from Zimmerman’s 9mm gun. Although, Zimmerman was on a police call wrestling and shooting Trayvon, he has not been arrested as of time of this writing. Sanford police department has not filed an arrest or case for Zimmerman and thus the State Attorney’s OFfice has decided to play coy and not investigate matters either. Zimmerman was questioned by Sanford police and released after their “interrogation”. Now, you know, had little Trayvon been white, and Zimmerman Black…


There has been an online petition initiated to garner attention into this murder of young Trayvon. Please visit, http://www.change.org/petitions/lets-get-justice-for-trayvon-martin in hopes that we can do just one little thing to help bring attention to this persistent slaughter of our children. I would ask that you electronically sign this petition, as well as whatever bit of support you might be able to administer in bringing awareness to this travesty of human justice. I am not sure whether Afkan(Afrikan Amerikkkan) people are unwelcome or what not in this gated community, but those that perform decision making routines around there carry semi-automatic weapons without concern for age of those they murder.


Please be safe if you are walking around in dark skin.

“Zimmerman, an adult, had a gun. Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old, had Skittles. No way you can say self-defense.” – Benjamin Crump, Family Attorney of Trayvon Martin’s Father