Black Media Literacy, Social Responsibility, Respectability Politics

There is a danger in the psychological presentation, the core principles, of US Blacks with regard to morality and capitalism. US Blacks are in need of a moral code that has as its primary agenda social responsibility. I declare here that US Blacks are in grave need of a unified front. I extend that declaration by stating here that US Blacks cannot form a unified front without social responsibility. In that extension, I further declare that social responsibility is difficult to obtain with a focus on competitive resource allocation.


It is not only naive but exploitative and just damn predatory to expect poor US Blacks to do what is asked of them by their more privileged ethnic members. Social responsibility cannot be the disguised politics of respectability it has become. Social responsibility as I am proposing cannot be a camouflaged attack on those that are not able to assimilate into White corporate culture. Nor can this social responsibility be a further general stigmatizing of anyone unable to afford to be financially responsible. When we in our US Black African American media image making succumb to the fantasies of respectability politics we confuse some things.


When we succumb to any media presentation of respectability politics presented by White production companies we confuse true politics. True politics is not posture. True politics is the study and analysis of power. True politics is not the study of superficial designs of power, but power itself. When we succumb to the fantasy created by the media presentations of US Black African Americans suggesting modes of respectability politics, we confuse respectability. Respectability is not acceptability. In fact, acceptability may often damage a person’s respectability. When we allow our images to present to our minds a definition of success based on story lines favorable to the established White Patriarchal Capitalist order, we are colluding with that order.


US Black African American media literacy cannot eradicate every effect or cause of US Black African American oppression. The duty of this media literacy, as presented in Owl’s Asylum, is to make US Black African Americans capable of recognizing the elements used in media . This form of media literacy is designed to arm US Black African Americans with the proper psychological armament necessary to defend themselves in the war waged through media. This form of media literacy is cast to train the US Black African American against the manipulative arts of fantasy creation that only helps to propel the inequalities that persist with them at the bottom of the social stratification.