A Few Words About Owl…

I don’t know it,man….

So much has changed in the last four months, some days I wonder if I’m going to sprout wings in some sort of chrysalis. And no matter what my personal issues are, it is like the smarter you get, the dumber everyone else becomes. My fault. That was arrogant. But an honest assessment.

You spend your whole life being this person who is labeled “intelligent”, and then one day you find out everybody hates “intelligent” people. Not everybody…but enough to make a culture. And you realize that the major problem is that people don’t understand that just because you read a book don’t make you a mechanic. Some people deserve the titles that they hold. Every position, every capability can’t be decided by popular standards. Some actions are just what they are.

I’m a classic. I open doors for women not because I think women are weak, but because I enjoy pleasing the opposite sex as such. I give people who are on the corner asking for money what I am able to, not because I’m some “sucker”, but because no matter the situation, I may one day need that helping hand. I like tailored four-piece suits. I like a smooth but stiff cognac. I still talk to my buddy I was in the first grade with. I don’t need my masculinity affirmed by phrases such as “pause” or “no homo”. Most of the books I have read weren’t for class, they were for the assuaging of my curiosity.

I’m a breast man, and I believe that foreplay should be wet and shameful.

I love with my life and not my fears.

I believe that man’s pants should be worn with a belt for the purpose of keeping the pants up above the genitals and buttocks.

I still believe that people can forge a society were everyone is able to own their land, grow or trade their food, and still master the sciences. But maybe I’m wrong.

Maybe humans are like a virus waiting for the host to excrete them out. I don’t know. Until I figure it all out, I’m just going to continue doing Owl…

Thanks for reading…