A Love Letter

Dear Jay,

Been a long time since I sat down and wrote to you, I know. I’ve been watching you at a distance, and I must say I would have never imagined your growth. I know that your acceptance of certain values and the social proclivity to pretend a modest or humble tone, that strange practice of the western in academia, will cause you to think less of your achievements and more of your present worries. I also know that you are thinking of you irresponsible behaviors, and that you are comparing yourself to the standards of a society of brutes and savages. I simply ask that you remember our lessons from years yonder. We didn’t get here by being followers. We didn’t get here by simple imitation. We were always a personality of our own making. And I know that you fear a particular type of acceptance from this society. Let that dream fall, my most beloved self. We aren’t going to be able to be all things to all of the people. No matter what the worldly wise might believe about that notion, it is but a basic misstep in the direction of complete folly. Beyond our world of young men who have to be warned daily about wearing their sleeping clothes at times when they should be wearing their working clothes, there is our home. We did not swim among the sharks and dance to the ominous beat of their mannerisms to fall prey to guppies.

Don’t lose your self, sir. Don’t forget that only you could present the fire to savages and make the warrior jealous. Never forget what the world has never known. And do not let us fall prey to the insecurities of moralizing bitches in heat, those that only moralize because they are bothered by their own lower natures. Not you. Not you my favored. My friend. My confidant. Not you.

God speed, and may the ntrs of mhtp bless our words forever more…