A Thought For The Possible

Never allow a situation to be negative.

A lot of my closer associates, friends, and loved ones have counseled me on being as transparent as I am on twitter. one of the major reasons for my openness about my life story is to show how one can overachieve in the face of many odds, self-imposed or otherwise. Much of what I have learned through my struggles is based on the inner workings of the mind. Mostly the attitude. I understand the need for catharsis, it is called an asylum for a reason. I understand the need to vent, I even understand that at times, yelling into the world helps. However, I also understand that you have to pull back from the problems, if possible. If possible, you need to refocus.

As I said in a previous article, I’ve been having a lot of great and enlightening discussions online lately. In one discussion, I was asked to draw a line. I was then asked to make the line shorter. My initial reaction was to bend the paper. I was then told I was in the majority, and that most people seek to make the line shorter by damaging the line drawn. I was told that I should draw a longer line above the original line. Profound.

In life we are given all the tools we need to make the futures we want. Sure, we all aren’t going to be bill Gates or Slim. Yet and still, there is an ample amount of abilities the reservior of the mind. I look at the strength of the people of Haiti and I stop complaining about my mediocre problems. If we can seperate ourselves from the rat race of keeping up with the standards that the Jones’ live by, we may see that the grass is still as green on our side of the yard, and quite possibly, more green.

The past is only the template of what is possible, what has been tried, what has been worked out, what can be worked out, and what has not worked. It should not be a cage for our self-pity to scream and order us to join it. The future is in our minds. It only exist in that our dreams and our hopes exist along with it. The collective consciousness is writing the future as I type and as you read this. The grand thing about the collective consciousness is that most people aren’t even taking advantage of their ability to define it.

Slavery existed because the slaves believed it did. Regardless of the psychological and social elements that held them in that particular mindset, the US couldn’t have done it with them. Microsoft can’t exist if people don’t believe that it will. In fact, none of these companies can exist without people investing in the future of these companies’ existences. Whether that be financially supporting them, or simply thinking them into the future. It truly is that simple.

Where will you be in the future? How can we assist one another in creating a new future? Where do I need to imagine you? How can I begin to write you into the paradigm of my own thoughts? Today is the chalk board in which we teach the future how it will behave…will you join me in teaching the new lessons?

My name is J. Farand. I am the Owl of the Owl’s Asylum. This is my story…thank you for paying attention…