A Worthy Discussion: Interview With Writer, Filmographer, And Psychotherapist Dwayne Buckingham

Owl: What are some of your thoughts regarding reaching children? In my life, it seems that around ten to twelve, many black children stop listening and only consider what is going on in the streets as viable information and don’t want to listen to what they may consider theory.

Dwayne: What I’m writing in my next book, I could call it reverse psychology. You have to get into their mind, where they are at. You can’t talk to them as an adult attempting to chastise them. You have to get on their level. Instead of telling them what not to do, ask them why they did it. What I also refer to as “flipping the script.” How did you want someone to address you when you were 13?

Owl: I wanted a person to treat me like an adult! Well, I at least wanted someone to treat me with respect..

Dwayne: With respect! Respect is the secret to any relationship. You are coming at the child with this attitude that you are going to respect me, but you are the child. That’s automatically wrong!

Owl: How does what you are doing in the military now become a form of giving back?

Dwayne: You know, Jay? When I’m in those board rooms, I still ask my Self do I belong. That isn’t where my heart is at. My body is there, but my heart is somewhere else. My heart is here. But if I go where my heart is at, I can’t give back financially. I can retire in seven years and will be financially stable. If I go here, then I won’t have that. This conference I’ve put together cost me six grand. But because I’m in the board rooms, I can do that. I can give back.