A Worthy Discussion: Interview With Writer, Filmographer, And Psychotherapist Dwayne Buckingham

Dwayne: It goes back to that internalized oppression thing I talked about, that if I can’t make it, I don’t want anyone else to make it. When I came back home from school, some brothers where like,”I think we are proud of you.” But when brothers returned home from prison, they had block parties and bottles popping. I’m coming home from college, they are coming home from prison. But they understood that world. They didn’t understand the world from which I just came home from. So, there is no value placed on that. So, when you ask why? I say lack of exposure. If you aren’t exposed to this other world, you can’t appreciate it. See, in corporate America, where I’m at, the white people can’t truly relate, because they don’t come from where I come from. They don’t know the streets that I’ve walked. They can’t understand that life. When I come back home, brothers can’t relate to the corporate America part. The status has changed. I’m doing things they can’t do. So, they can’t relate. When I come through, I’m driving in a Range Rover. I’m concerned about a brother knocking my head off, not a white man.

Owl: How do you feel about the internet with regards to exposure?

Dwayne: I don’t like it! I need it…without it, I can’t be in Chicago and D.C. at the same time. But while I’m doing that, whatever else is going on in Los Angelos, I’m getting exposed to that, too. And it might not be positive. So, that’s something negative that I may not have been exposed to that I’m now privy to. And depending on your structure and your environment, it might be too much and too bad for you.

Owl: What is your advice for those who might have a background similar to yours and seeking to gain security in a same manner?

Dwayne: Learn the difference between passive income and earned income. I can never get rich from the money I earn at work. Whether it is a book on Amazon that just sold ten copies or an apartment on the North Side I pay $500 monthly on but charging $800 a month and collecting $300, you have to have passive income. Black people like to believe in the work, work, work, there’s nothing wrong with an honest day of work…bullshit. They don’t think like that around me. So, I tell a person seeking out security, do what I do, I get around people that attempt to figure out ways to generate passive income. I always tell people, “Write a book.” Because even if you are only getting three dollars from your book, you are getting something.