All One Does Is a Form of Art

This special guest post is from our family, his twitter handle is @CharmingJerk. And we of Asylum have pleasantly been charmed by the brother’s poetic stylizing of information. As always, this brother is Asylum, and deserves the support and respect of all that abide by this Asylum. Thank you… – J. “Owl” Farand


“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” A cliché often heard, but often misunderstood. It could be argued that the aforementioned cliché could be used to heighten one’s self-esteem up, by promises of acknowledgement of a personal beauty within the perception of those not met.


In reality, everything that anyone does is a form of art. The way we walk, talk, communicate, and even eat. From the grandest gesture to the minutest of moves, art can be seen. Inspiration can be drawn from the way a person sneezes. However trivial that may sound, there is no limit to what can motivate one to create.


Although the word has been overly saturated, “swagger” (v. -to walk or strut with a defiant or insolent air.) would be a good term to justify the point that I am making. Ever since its introduction into the consciousness of the masses, particularly the hip-hop generation, the word has been used to explain the art form of which the human body exudes. Including the way a person dresses, conducts themselves, and even walks, a person’s swagger is often marveled or even frowned upon.


All art isn’t appreciated. Just because a person is appreciated now doesn’t mean they can’t or won’t be revered posthumously. Vincent van Gogh is an excellent example of a person’s personal style not being noticed until even their last year alive. It wasn’t until his death that his famous paintings were sought after. Even to this day a van Gogh painting can be sold for millions of dollars.


What one experiences, thinks, and feels goes into their art. Anytime you do anything, everything that you have come across will be included into the very moments that you enter. The past is connected with the future through the present. Although you may not be consciously aware of everything you have experienced at a given moment, which still doesn’t take away the fact that your experiences stay with you forever.


What you see is what you get. The definition ofArt is -the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance. – It isn’t subjected to the measurements of one particular person or group, which is the truth about art. Anything can be viewed as art. Since everything is connected within the realm of the universe, everything influences everything else, Seen or unseen. Art arrives at the moment of perception and it isn’t limited to only the eyes. Music is a form of art and one may appreciate it through listening or even “feeling” the vibes sent to the body through sound waves.


In conclusion, art isn’t just a thing; it is and can be everything. Art isn’t limited to the boundaries that humans place upon it. One person can see something as extraordinarily beautiful while another person can view the very same object as being absolutely horrendous. All one does is a form of art and it should be appreciated as such.