American White Terrorist Threat SEVERE…

While perusing the morning’s bits and digits on the various sources of information I use to keep abreast of the current flow of national and international events -simply put, I was reading my iGoogle page- I came across the story of the strong students on the campus of the University of California San Diego. These students were terrorized by the startling discovery of a noose laying on a library table. The student’s Black Student Union organized hundreds of fellow colleagues and called for the university to be shut down. The righteously indignant warriors of social change held down the fort of the college’s chancellor’s office for an outstanding 6 hours(source here). Unfortunately, the student’s organized and civil display of unrest with what would be that campus’ third outrageous sentiment of racial terrorism would only be rewarded with a suspension of the female white(American) terrorist from the campus( source here).


For those of you who have been following this blog and those of you who know me a little more personally, I used to be mister fuck college, and mister college ain’t teaching me shit. Pardon my United States of American. These days of course I can always be found either defending my reason for attending and pursuing further degrees, or encouraging others to make the jump. As a college advocate, I am extremely disturbed by this slap on the wrist. A noose is not a political statement that should be protected by the US Constitution. It should immediately alarm the campus that something dreadfully dangerous could happen, and the local authorities should be called in to investigate, not campus police. No disrespect to public safety officers on campus’ across the land, but I mean charges of terrorism should be filed.


As your President Barack Obama fills my ears with his sugary words of education and his commentary of how high-school dropouts live shattered lives, I’m wondering how people of campus terrorism and trauma will live. The schools of the USA are shattered already, Mr. Obama. You can’t buy a decent education without worrying about a high-strung professor killing you, some guy with social disorders shooting you, or finding a damn noose on a library table. In the American Black community, children are herded through metal detectors and yet there are more cases of white mass homicidal attacks and suicides than in most urban school yards. I’m glad that over 41,000 education jobs have been created from the stimulus money, but I hope those educators and members of the operations of schools live to enjoy a healthy career.


While I am profoundly grateful for the students who have contributed to black history while the dumb cow on CNN keeps mentioning that they “should be celebrating black history..”(white folks…I promise y’all, figure it out…the next crew is being raised by the educated, the enlightened,the and war scarred…). Obviously, America has failed to realize that their terroristic behaviors are atavistic, and need to be monitored, and the history of the American shows a pattern of behavior that is remarkably savage in light of their great contributions to technology. The inability to defer anger and murder/suicide is a dangerous cultural paradigm and should never be taken lightly by anyone who finds themselves surrounded by Americans. I would would raise the American White Terrorist level to red, but there has never been anything but a severe risk of terrorist attacks from the American white since Columbus the Killer arrived.



While this country is trying to make “Fat” the new “nigga”, Americans are still, as always, the old terrorists.