And Now, A Few Thoughts On Spirituality From #SKYLINE Command…

Our brother, D, @Ahbseenkwestion, from Twitter, the writer of True Indeed, and co-owner and creative brass of Stolen Outfitters, the brother that you your #Skyline, has blessed us with a discussion focused on Spirituality. As always, please extend your warmth in the comments, follow the brother on Twitter, enter his elevated perspectives on his site, and get reacquainted with style while being reindoctrinated into the fitness of self that was stolen.


I eased up a lot on Twitter. I made my self scarce partially because I’ve been preoccupied with the Stolen brick in Black Wall Street and mainly because I haven’t been feeling it. The spirit isn’t what initially had me breaking day to usher my utterances out onto that popular strand of the web. Things got different and I started spending my time lounging on Skyline clouds and communicating with the comrades by way of enlightening bolts. Then my Brother Owl came back…


Though he returned, he did not come without question. No. He wanted to know, in at least 500 words, my thoughts on spirituality. Put me directly on the spot. I’ve got to count words and explain some abstract shit. Awesome, but that’s my dude so here goes…


Given the complexity of the soul and spirit, please bare with this simplistic metaphor. I see the soul as the battery to the human vehicle. I see the spirit as the fuel. The soul cycles itself within the human vehicle, infinitely, as long as the vehicle is live. The spirit is what motivates the vehicle. It may vary in grade. It is not all pure or completely filthy. It is neither all good or all bad. It is what makes activity possible.


In that regard, spirituality is the distribution of fuel; gas station if you will. To some it may be music. To others art. To others church. And to others sex. In any direction you take it, you have the act and what fuels it. Throughout it all, the soul keeps the clock on, computer running, headlights bright, windshield wipers employed, etc but the spirit has to be continually replenished to stay in motion. Have you ever encountered someone who’s spirit was on E? Did they seem paralyzed or hyperactive?


Spirituality is often placed in cohoots with religion. Most of the time, it is placed beneath an organized religion and ,consequentially, absorbs all of the faults associated with that religion. In all actuality, religion is a commercialized management system for spirituality. A franchise at that. I am of the belief that, while beneficial for some, religions cause stark divisions between many and usurp individual spirituality in the process.


Simply put religion, spirituality and a belief in a god or gods are all just terms used to denote knowledge of self which means they’re personal. The instant your spirituality is defined and/or regulated by someone else, you give them authority over your vehicle and the direction it is traveling. To forfeit your religion (discipline), spirituality (motivation) and God (self) is to allow yourself to be defined/measured by a society that was groomed to be short-sighted.


If you choose to look at the spirit and spirituality like mysteries, magic or act as if they don’t exist, it is your choice. In fact, it will reflect itself in your activities and you will be fueled by the spirit of your beliefs. There is no way around this. The universe is much smarter than us but, because we are one with it, we have the opportunity to learn it by learning ourselves. We have been given the vehicle (body), operator (mind), battery (soul) to travel from immaturity to maturity. What we choose to fuel our vehicles with is up to us and will determine how far we go and in what direction.