Any Questions?

When did the turn occur? You know, “the turn”? That moment, when what was all good, became all fucked up. Who allowed this to happen? Why was it allowed to happen?

Place those questions inside of any perspective and dig for the answers. Dig until the depths of your mind is filled with so much emptiness that the silent whispers from your heart can be heard lightyears away. Dig until your reach the spiritual version of the other side of the world, from wherever you stand. Dig until nothing makes sense and everything seems simple. Just dig. Can you dig it?

Reverting back to the set of original questions, what thoughts came to mind when you began to soak those words into your head? What pictures began to formulate inside of your head, like a 3D movie at an imax theatre? Why did those questions and pictures appear?

It’s not everyday that we are challenged to face ourselves.. or so it may seem. Most of the time — depending on one’s schedule and rate of interacting with television, radio, internet, and people in general — people are fighting against themselves. We fight against our natural instincts, impulses, emotions, opinions, desires, beliefs, and wants. Also, we fight against everyone else’s. How heavy a burden for the mind to carry useless weight accumulated from trivial pursuits?

Life throws so many curve balls at us. If you think about it though, what would life be without the unknown? If we were to eliminate all of the mistakes, acts of violence, and other negative happenings, would we even exist? One mistake led to another and another led to you. However, playing Devil’s Advocate doesn’t justify any of the current wrongs nor does it answer any of the questions.

Leading me back to my original set of questions; essentially, why? Was it for our own good? Our own bad? So many different ideologies, philosophies, assumptions, opinions, and the likes have made futile attempts to produce sufficient answers that would satisfy every pondering mind. Is this by design?

In our travels, we step upon unique paths. No matter how close you are to anyone, nobody has ever experienced life quite the way that you have. Each of us have some type of reason for being here. It is within each of us to bring out. That reason is beneath the layers of superficiality, deception, and confusion that haunts our every braincell. Just as that reason is buried in dreams deferred, it is alive inside of the dreams realized.

We can question our existence, our lives, the pain we endure, and everything else until we are blue in the face. Or, we can decide to answer those questions. We can take this opportunity to become those answers and be the flicker of light which sparks the thirst to answer. it is our duty to live the lives that we have been given. Sure, we all make mistakes. We all, also, have tasted failures sour flavor, but we all are capable of overcoming great obstacles.

So instead of just being stuck in a daze and asking infinite questions, start answering them. Accept nobody’s answers. Prove your answers. You are the answer. Any questions?

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