Asylum Rising(Verse 3): Kujichagulia

Kujichagulia (Self-Determination): To define ourselves, name ourselves, create for ourselves, and speak for ourselves stand up.


I can’t quite recall which came first, the thought that I could catch up some bills by selling my ebt card money, or actually heading towards C’s house. Whichever it was, I found my Self back on that familiar journey through the central west into University City. The major difference, of course, was that I was walking and had my backpack filled with what I believe most adult would consider fairly important paper work. I wasn’t daunted by any of it, just realized much too late just how much I was carrying around on my back. I got off the metrobus a block away from his house and walked the described distance. I’m always reminded of times when I was able to walk down a street, walk around to a corner store, or even just walk into a kitchen and open the refrigerator door. Simple things like watching children playing football in their front yards gave me reason to smile as I asked to get a catch(or to curse them out if they didn’t, selfish little dudes).


I walked towards Calvin’s house and his son didn’t recognize me at first (blemish on an almost perfect, but outstanding record of enthused greetings). Since he and his father are totally different in character, I was more inclined to embrace Calvin and just look at the young cultural neophyte with that look. Of course, the day after Santa’s marathon typically is “overlook all adults and their concerns about proper child responses within said arrangement. Now, don’t get it mistaken here, of the two, Calvin will never be written off as the chipper and happy go lucky type, but he makes do. We discussed my current state of affairs, and my hiatus from the living. We laughed about how spoiled his son was, and how we would have to mow yards to get the money our Selves.
After Calvin shot me a plate of lasagna, we went down in the basement to check out his new set up. You know brothers always want to show off their new man toys, and the speakers he had really where an added bonus to studio he compiled. I wasn’t the audio major between the two of us, so I decided to get some rec(recreational activity(think working out)) in on his bench. I have been shedding pounds that I really didn’t want to. Well, I need the body mass, but I don’t mind how I’m looking, let’s put it like that.


I’ve also got to start being much more serious about my diet. I don’t eat like a garbage can, most things I will not eat, and my selections are typically limited. With the financial situation being what it is, you’d think I’d have a more difficult time eating, but I’m really not. Not quite sure if that is my resourcefulness or an aspect of the condition. Might be an interesting study there. Anyway, even with options, I feel I don’t have much to choose from. I haven’t become tired of the world’s greatest past, the Ramen. In fact, I miss the Ramen at the moment. If anyone reading this can help expand my palate it would be greatly appreciated.


So, Calvin and I exchanged monies and he dropped me off at the Metrolink(rail transit). I am glad to have good people such as him In my life. There are times when I do feel left to my own abilities, and times like these I don’t mind as reminders of my oversight. I hate being everybody’s reminder of the worst case scenario, but you live and you grow past, and this too shall pass.