Black As A Marketing Strategy

It means I have to become more creative, more astute in recognizing the needs and desires of those that swing through Asylum doors;it means I have to adjust my networking skills so that they reflect the sensibilities of those that I come into contact with in an effort to transform contacts into connections. Dwelling on the racial factors has its time, but not to the degree that it causes you to undermine your own efforts. Being Black is being Black, I refuse to let what makes my body whole become a handicap.

“In a business sense, Black is a virtue.”

I’m letting this become my mantra. People are the driving power behind any society, and usually most successes. The very imagined power that we put in money, we can put into our Selves. How many people that are actually living in relative obscurity, my Self included presently, have Twitter accounts that have “Verified Account” typed in a bio some where? We see celebrity, those that have been giving power by the people, and we want that power back. I personally say take it back, but I understand the need to express one’s own personal celeb status without drifting into delusions of grandeur. So, instead of asking my Self, “is it[lack of desired success] because I’m Black?”, I’ve become determined enough to ask my Self,”is it[a level of accomplishment] because I’m Black?”, and then continue to assess what being Black entitles me to, how it is helping to grow this community, and also the limitations of leaning on it as a marketing tool. The idea is to avoid delusions, and to take mathematical approaches to appraise the logistics of any business endeavor. The degree of cold logic necessary to play at this level can be mind boggling(in the sense of “overwhelming”), but even the most subjective element has to be taken into account. When you lack certain resources, you have to be exacting about what caused what, and why;you simply can’t afford to overlook a possible gold mine due to personal insecurity. If it works, you should be working it.