Blacks In the USA and Abortion(The Effects)

There has been a lot of discussion lately on various topics,(okay, only two topics, but what ev’s) regarding aspects of the black community. I’m going to address questions that have been asked of me regarding these issues, and i ask that you pay very close attention if you are one of those that have asked me questions recently.


I am always suspect of the motives of anyone raised in a society with a socialization practice such as ours. I have found it in my best interest to be distrusting of people who went to schools were social darwinism was not only an acceptable “law”, but a cultural imperative. I feel that it is only logical to consider people who look at life from an existentialist perspective as a threat to my well-being. The more an individual is schooled in such ideological frameworks, the more my cynicism shows. And I am candid enough to admit that I was raised in a household with a mother who was socialized in one of the higher institutions of such thinking. Also, I myself have been tainted by such training. Of course, I’ve robbed, stole, conned, drugged, and done all sorts of ill deeds in the name of money and survival. I suppose my socialization was better than those judging me by my recorded public deeds would be led to believe.


Sometimes the problem with a solution is that we are looking at the wrong problem. One of my favorite cons was the dummy hook. That’s when a guy is standing outside the bank pretending to be the dumb guy, and an unsuspecting person is tricked into believing they can trick this guy out of his money;this causes the unsuspecting person to divulge valuable information that will be later used to get into…well, if you don’t know, just follow from here logically. It works, mainly because the unsuspecting person is no longer gauging reality properly. Is this guy really this dumb? How well do I really know this person? Unfortunately, (well, fortunately for some, I suppose)so many of us deem class and diction as factors to assess intelligence by. Western society is full of dummies thinking they are out smarting a dummy, but simply getting hooked.


Black academics such as W.E.B. Dubios were used by institutions such as planned parenthood and the FBI because they had credentials that made them seem “smart”. Well, “smart” in the way that “smart” has been defined by western dominating powers for those they dominate. In this instance, whites dominating blacks. Many of us justify our being pimped simply because we are ashamed of the person we see in the mirror. As the student of fist to mirror, I am well versed in describing what to look for in this regard. I watched the most cunning person I’ve ever met in my life pull a mirror down, smash it into pieces, and I was the only one who knew why he had done it. I knew, because I had previously watched a loved one do the same thing. And I too, had not only destroyed a mirror, but had destroyed all photographs of me in the house. Self-hate is more than a cool saying.


So, what does this have to do with the discussion of abortion and blacks? It has everything to do with it. Self-hate is a mentality of comparison. It is a mentality that defines itself based on societal standards. Regardless of how illogical the behavior might be, as long as it is acceptable by society, it is acceptable to the mind of one that hates itself. It is better to be unnatural, since unnatural people, well, mutant recessive genetic trait manifesting humaniods, have forced their wills on the most natural people. Since white people don’t do it, it must be wrong. Since white people look like this, it must be right. Since white people say he is a criminal, they must be one. Since the wizard says that I have a brain, I must have one. We are back with our toes being counted in a game of hide n seek to see who will be the seeking party first. “If you’re black, stay back, if you’re brown, stick around, if you’re bright, you’re alright, if you’re white, you’re right.”


Of course, it is beyond black and white, it is a class systemic that is built by white resource swindlers. Yet, it is promoted by the few blacks allowed to be close enough to whites to be used as colonial puppets. If you think that is too “militant”, then maybe you ought to consider your perspective.


The perspective I would like all of us to consider is one that isn’t so wrapped in the overarching force of western capitalism. It is wrapped in human anatomy and response. It is wrapped in social reactions to oppressive forces. It is wrapped in a fear of being judged by ones peers. It is wrapped in the one of the two things we know about life: one, that it is awesome in its ability to change, and two, it’s ability to continue to produce means of living.


Why are four out of ten unintended pregnancies ended in abortion? Why are sixty nine percent of those pregnancies being performed on black women that only make up six to seven percent of the US population? The math here will have to be slightly off, but from 1973 to 2005, over forty-five million babies were aborted. How many of them their black? If we equate from the 2010 percentage,(which is actually down from the 2000 percentage), we would estimate that over thirty-one million black children where held from being able to see a beautiful black woman hold them their arms. I suppose the western academic response to that would be to pose the notion of poverty. I suppose those trained by a western perspective would ask if those thirty-one million black babies are better off not being born in this society. Thank god for my soul, that I won’t be the academically trained one to make that inquiry.


No, instead I’ll think beyond my western existentialism, and consider that those babies would have at least had the chance. I will not think like the white western institutes have taught me to think. I will not see all black social concerns as problems that can’t be solved. In fact, I refuse to even look at them as problems. I would rather look at them as symptoms of a problem. I would rather look at them as the effects of a greater cause.


Moving on…


How does an abortion effect the female anatomy? In most instances, the woman suffers from hemorrhaging. SOme women suffer from infections that occur when parts of the baby are left inside of the womb. In many instances, the abortion procedure can leave the womb punctured, leading to what we refer to as a hysterectomy. A hysterectomy is a removal of the uterus.


There is a war going on in the US. It is being fought on several fronts. From class warfare to race warfare, the battles that are being won tend to have the global white western man wearing the golden stars. If you can’t see past the analysis of blacks as the problem, then you will never see blacks as under attack. We are still being conditioned to only see the problems of the black community, and not their white causes. Too many black people are presenting solutions to the effects of black oppression that are not addressing white culpability. Maybe it is because too many of them are sleeping with the enemy.


I want to quote a statement from a father that wishes to remain anonymous out of respect for his wife:


“What many a woman who has had more than one abortion has been warned is that complications with pregnancy may occur after multiple abortions have taken place. Those complications they speak of are miscarriages. Though miscarriage is a common phenomenon, the causes are rarely noted or isolated for discussion. In fact, to even have a conversation about miscarriage a woman or a couple must experience one. Then a veil is pulled back and you join that ‘club’. It is a club where people you have known for years reveal one of the most depressing and heart wrenching events a woman and man can endure. To lose a child you expect and want is neither easy to digest spiritually or rationalize and accept mentally. I know because my wife had two abortions in her youth that resulted in two miscarriages in her adulthood. That is four black lives lost to a process in the ‘modern civilized’ world.


When you look at the sheer volume of abortions (planned embryotic assassinations) and cross reference them with the amount miscarriages (embryotic abortion via complication) that occur in the black community, you find a disturbing pattern of depopulation based on secrets and science. Though we, as the parents on the physical end of the equation, are desensitized to abortion and decimated by miscarriage, the mathematics and calculations behind the termination of black life before it starts is still fundamentally eugenics and under the auspices of Europeans.


We have to start being truthful with ourselves and one another. ”