Blogging Is The New Social Media…Again

Design taught me that in order to sell the subjective one must always have a presentable reason for one’s choices. Now, “presentable” does not always mean,”reasonable”, and “reasonable” does not always mean, “logical”. Logical arguments, by the same logic, can be valid, but not true.


Blogging taught me that content is king, or queen, or just a really successful anarchist of either gender. Content does not have to be text between paragraph tags on some highly popular blogging software. Neither does writing have to be hosted on some highly acclaimed platform to make one a writer. While validation in subjective space does not come cheap or without its admixture of sweat and blood, definitions need not be draconian to be accurate.


I was reading a post by a writer on her site. Anastasia, @asiaelle on the Twitters, writes over at Lux. Here is something she wrote that inspired me to get my act together over here on Asylum. She writes:


I started to use writing as a way to vent, I would only prioritize writing when I was upset so it definitely reflected in the development in whatever I wrote and I hated reading it, editing it and I refused to share it.


I lacked confidence in my ability to write, I was unfocused, I was hurting and I was ready to give up on most things – taking the time off work for myself was a very necessary, very healing process and though I have some reservations about it, I know I made the best decision for me and my family at the time and I’m happy I allowed myself the space I needed to get back on track – to remember my loves and passions and be able to revel in them.


It’s been freeing.


I feel more at home with the term “writer” now, I connect to it more. It no longer is something I say softly and hold my breath for the inevitable snarky comment.


I am a writer.

Inspiring, yes?


So, I thought about how the initial move from blogs to microblogs, or more importantly, from less connected blogging platforms(WordPress, Blogger) to more interconnected sites where interaction was more hard coded into the applications the cultures grew around(Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr). I reflected on how much the term “blogger” has shifted from one of appalling connotation to one more appealing. Similarly, I considered how the term “journalist” has lost much of its prestige.


Much of what I realize as I have grown older with humanity is our dependence on quantity. The Hegelian precept of quantity altering quality should bear great weight here. My own personal quest for more money, extensions of reach, and various forms of validation forced me to create more and more. In creating more and more, I became better. The quality of writing and designing, whether as work or recreation, was directly proportional to the quantity of work produced. Interestingly enough, in my freelance business, so became my market value as clients became more willing to pay more.


So, while I am still grinding towards my visions, I accept my present. I can live in my present writing station. I have no qualms typing, I am a writer, too.


Twitter and Facebook presently compete for ways to get users to engage not only content but one another. When users engage one another, that creates content. For Facebook and Twitter. Not for various bloggers that use these sites. What I would wish to do is similar. I refuse to open up Asylum commenting at this date; too much of a headache. However, I do wish to send out the OWL signal to other bloggers and site owners to connect and network. As I have done above, a simple quoting of one another and linking to each others content should suffice. The hyperlink is what the world wide web was won with. I see no revolutionary changes on that front to the way things need to be done. I mean, hell, even Google still uses good ol’ hyperlinks.