Building Up Our Children

As the conditions of our community’s future depends greatly on the ability for its children to be raised and trained properly, our friend and fellow Asylumni, @Olokliro, has written an insightful piece that raises more than a few points that Asylum should be thoughtful of. Here in her words:

“I believe that children are the future…” Thank you Mr. Benson, but I cannot say that too many believe this statement enough to equip our youth with the necessary tools they will need to stabilize their future.

My childhood examples of working within a group coincided with Webster’s definition, “any collection or assemblages of persons or things working towards a common goal,” solely because of my community via my parents. From lessons in church to volunteering at the local businesses starting at five years old.

As long as I can remember, public schools have always graded youth on how well they can work within a group. The embodiment of that characteristic comes from the planting and cultivation of that seed at home. Leadership abilities would ensue during adulthood through proper nourishment. However, supine parenting can cause youth to fall victim to groupthink instead of group-leading.

Statistically, the average Black families consists of single-parent households which produce latchkey kids. Federally funded programs as well as elitist organizations, disguised as community based groups, prey on disadvantage families via classism. Lured by a false sense of advancement or rank, inattentive parents depend on these programs to help raise their children oblivious to the fact that the primary disadvantage is not the number of family members but their lack of responsibility and accountability.

Parents (whether indolent or vigilant)are drawn to programs because of their promotion of self-respect. However, the pillars of elitist companies transforms into a societal crutch. Youth ranging from 2-19 years of age are soaked in leadership training that is laced with superiority. Instructions on working alongside peers within their program excludes the peers throughout the community. Those limitations evoke delusions of grandeur and the brainwashed youth are not willing to connect amongst the city.

Also, considering these federally funded institutes synonymous to our ’40 acres and a mule’ is another crutch. We cannot allow our youth to suffer by dependency on the System. They will grow up continuously in search of their clones. From girl/boy scouts to fraternities/sororities to becoming homeowners inside of subdivisions with associations. Serial addictions to groups that will ostracize the undeserving. It is all about socialization. Our local communities, spear-headed by devoted parents and guardians can teach the same lessons. However, contrary to the institutions, our communities will build up leaders that accept and support individualism. Families are becoming an endangered species, so we must rely on our community FIRST. Understand that when the System gives our youth a “boost” it will always be to destroy their original desire to build. Let’s initiate and enforce self-respect at home to deter our youth from a future of destruction.

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