Burning The Divine – A US Christian Legacy

In The Name Of The All Which IS That ALL, The Bounty Giver, And The One That Provides For Even The Undeserving…

“This is the Book;in it is guidance sure without doubt, to those who fear God; Who believe in the Unseen; are steadfast in prayer, and spend out of what We Have provide for them…” -The Holy Qu’ran of Mecca, Surah Baqara Ayats 2 – 3, English translation by Abdyllah Yusuf Ali.

Peace and heavy ethanol libations for the cognitively inebriated and those of easy subconscious sedations.

The term “burning” seems to be the word of the week. As a small congregation of US Christians in Gainesville, Fla gained world-wide attention for their planned “International Burn A Koran Day” hosted by the Terry Jones, a 58 year old former hotel manager and European missionary. His sect, ironically dubbed “The Dove World Outreach Center” has been mentioned in the past for their Crusade-like anti-Islamic behavior such as erecting a sign on the church’s lawn proclaiming that “Islam is of the Devil”, as well as having children of the congregation wearing t-shirts to school with the same wording on the back. Jones, who holds a degree from the California Graduate School of Theology, has also published “Islam is of the Devil”, a 176 page book published by Creation House on August 3, 2010.

A supposed cancellation of the burning at the date and time of this post has been placed in suspended limbo as Jones attempts to negotiate a deal to have the Islamic Center being built two blocks away from ground zero relocated. What the Asylum needs to consider here is that Jones met with Imam Muhammad Musri, the leader of the Islamic Society of Central Florida, in an attempt to stop the actions of a group of Muslims in New York City. Ultimately, that can be akin to a group of Southern Baptists in Texas attempting to get a group of Methodists in Maine to stop the purchase of a new church in their hometown. It seems to be an effort to gain more attention for the small group of US Christians, one with little possibility of actually meeting their desires. Donald Trump of real estate fame, felt he could push the Christians against Islam efforts by buying the building at a 25% premium to whatever the real estate owners paid for their portion of the site; his offer was turned down.

Within the same time frame, the Secretary of Defense Robert Gates also attempted to persuade the Christian leader to cancel his Qu’ranic inferno. The appeal of violent repurcussions while US troops in Afghanistan and US citizens abroad in Islamic territories led the Obama administration to act in such an unprecedented manner.

The entire matter of “burning” and violence as a tool for governmental actions reminds us here at The Asylum of the sinister nature and history of the Christian. As the Obama administration looks over the brutality festering among the people’s of Obama’s residency of Chicago, yet makes it their business to address this possible cause of violence, I am reminded of how Christians also burned another vessel of God’s word – The Black person in America.

Bennie Simmons, June 13, Anadarko, OK. Soaked in coal oil before being set on fire.

Jesse Washington, Waco, Texas, 1916. Mentally handicapped farmhand burned and hanged. This is a postcard that would be sent with pride by Christians.

The murder rates of Blacks in the US increases(In 2005, 41% of all murders in the US where the race was known were Black;in 2006, 42%; in 2008, 48%) and the number of incidences involving police officers climbs, and yet no voice from the Obama Administration. I suppose the lives of others are just that more valuable to the first partially African president. While the chants of the black scholastic community rage out for the black community to get out there and vote if they want change, those who threaten violence seem to be the only ones with the right coins at this particular “change” machine. The burning of Black bodies by the torque and heat of bullets goes unnoticed by this government.

I pray that the Christians of Pastor Terry’s congregation, and the good college trained theologian himself find it in their hearts not to add on to the blindness that separates us in this country. I pray that he doesn’t follow in the footsteps of so many US Christians that have been his guide. Those millions of US Christians that seek to use violence and extreme measures to control the opinions of the human psyche. But more so, I pray that Blacks in this country understand what really motivates.

It is of interest to the residents of the Asylum here that we notice the power that persuades the US government. Peaceful protesters of Oakland berated those who might act out of violence due to their concerns that the trial of Johannes Mehserle, convicted of involuntary manslaughter for the Oscar Grant slaying, had been unjust. Gates sensed no need to address the court that they might want to consider the repercussions. Possibly, he sensed that no repercussions would occur. Maybe if the Black Community threatened to act in violence, the same sort of violence used in the growing impoverished communities throughout the United States of America, the “first Black President” might sense a need to act on the historical element of his position. As troops in Afghanistan and US citizens abroad in Muslim countries were considered as a reason for the Secretary of Defense to address Jones in this incident, the people’s of the Black community are not considered as the list of murders at the hands of police continue to rise. Jones is now in the position to negotiate, not because he “got out the vote”, but because he created an environment in which violence would be meted out.