Close Encounters of the White Mind

I was involved in a pretty interesting conversation today on twitter(I know, I know…). It came to be through a disagreement of sorts between one of the above. Ultimately, the basics of the conversation surrounded the gender of god(not going to touch that here, sorry) and it became a discussion on the various means in which knowledge is disseminated throughout the black community.

As I have, by some unforeseen occurrence, maybe a strange alignment of stars, become a college advocate, I by know means think that college is the only way by which a person can acquire knowledge. Especially when we are discussing acquiring in depth knowledge. I do however feel that an understanding of discipline with regards to acquiring reasoning and expertise within a field of study should be meted out. As a person who is constantly bombarded with shallow research and limited amounts of reflection due to youtube, I can’t simply agree that knowledge can just be grasped by all in any manner. I find myself not really even debating, just explaining that just because some guy on youtube said it was so, doesn’t mean it is. Also, I know that we all wish to simply explain all the facts of politics away with phrases such as, “Them illuminatis” or whatever secret society and lizard to human morphing aliens from a star system near mars did it. As much as I would love to say that Michael Steele is a robot being controlled in a like manner as those in the movie, “Surrogate”, without further research and credible evidence, I’ll have to suspend judgment on that issue.

I have been attacked for pointing out the logical flaws within arguments with “that euro-thinking”. It moves me to laughter and pity because logic was brought to Greece through Plato, and Plato studied with the Kimitians(Ancient Egyptian) Priests. There was no body of science or reasoning before the students of the Temple of Luxor came into that knowledge. If the original point of a thing is African, then shouldn’t it be regarded as such? If I plagiarize an idea, and after a long time being given credit for that idea, it is found that I did such a thing as fib and steal, then shouldn’t the credit for that idea be given BACK to its rightful owners? As such I believe that logical reasoning, and the dialectical practices built from it be given back to their rightful owners. If I point out your fallacious reasoning, I’m not being “euro-minded”, I’m actually being “afro-centric”…you’re forgiven…

Now, that that is out of the way.

The universe doesn’t change every time a European studies it. Well, it might, but most likely in no way different than when a person of any other national ethnic grouping studies it. The point of even differentiating knowledge sources from the militant black stance was to analyze the propaganda of white supremacy. This doesn’t mean that every European based study is anti-African. Any study from anywhere including a Black person can be detrimental and used as a means to control, conquer, and or capitalize on another. When we analyze European patterns of control and dominance, we need to be careful not to throw the blunt skin out with the tobacco. Everything that has developed in Europe is not anti-Afrikan.

It would seem as though every college educated person has to inherit the label of trying to be white if they take their academic performance to the level of internalization. The more one sees themselves as an intellectual with a university level education, the more white they have to be! How many self-hates did you take this morning!!?? Maybe it is just a Black person wants to be trained or educated in a university. Ever hear of Kwame Nkrumah or Cheik Anta Diop? Both were masterminds, both highly regarded in pan-Afrikan circles as purveyors of Afrikan scholarship and both trained in “white” universities. I guess one might go so far as to say Cheik Anta Diop had a “euro-minded”, european educated mentality…I mean the Elder Scholar did continuously argue to get that god awful thing of a Ph.D. from Paris, France. How european can ya get!!?

Let’s be clear: knowledge is knowledge. The manner in which information is disseminated SHOULD be studied, and careful scrutiny in the form of questions such as “why is this being said?”, “who is this benefiting?” and the like. But most importantly, if you really want to be Black and Proud, ask yourself how you can remix it for your people.