Committed to the Asylum – An Intro to Peace

i’m the type to align words with war when the world don’t seem right
asked the Father for the right to use my writing as a way to make a way in this place
traded the faces of Jackson and Benjamin for scripts, leaving scripture to be washed by tears from my pen
the sin of trading a gift for gold left my present depleted
so I began to seek
wanted to return to the way of the ink
the Sun Tzu of the former link
click the Bic and see what web it weaved
left my thoughts like a blot on loose leaf
blogs never seen me cuz Mead owned me
I was a slave to the art
turned my words into a sword and slayed the naysayers who dared to say something
kept pumpin until I got dumped by employers
well more like I jumped ship cuz it was never my mission
they say you work for pay well it was easier to pray for work
that way I knew it was from God
took no time for me to go stupid, went on a true flip from corporate climbing to being a flight risk from city to city
nickel and diming, selling icies while trying to make it in that glittery limelight where musicians sell their craft to witches and stick their dicks in prostitutes for praise/
went about my way and made it home
once again, the rolling stone trespassed the gates of hell hoping to make a deal with Satan just to keep him at bay
no not sell my soul but separate my fate from the fantasy of making it in the land of “can we get free, will I grow old as a slave?”

took two years to see what liberty means/

consider this submission my voluntary imprisonment/

committed to the asylum for the sake of seeking peace/

the return to papyrus sheets and quills dipped in blood to make it real/

watch how trill it gets with the thoughts that I spill/

shouts to Owl for making the deal with a mental criminal who knows no subliminals/

literally speaking, I’m figuratively leaking/nothing bleak shall inherit the earth cuz worth after birth is like placenta, just girth/

push that weight out with every word I let out/

asking the Father for a breath as I died a long time ago when I sold my gifts for a bit of bread/

the rats took my cheese after a particular tax season so instead I cash my checks and keep my dough in the oven for a reason/

I’mma leave this, but blessed be the ones who read this cuz after all the ego, being schizo is a relief/

i’m committed to the asylum in an effort to seek peace but if destruction comes before I’m healed then pray the Lord, my soul, He keeps.