Critical Thinking and The Afkan Leadership

During my stay in Missouri Correctional Centers, I was introduced to the Brother Bob. Brother Bob was the first brother that ever got in my face and told me that I talked too much and that my talking would cause too many battles. At that time, I was the leading spokesman for the NOI study group in Eastern Central Missouri. Not that anyone should believe that meant much besides doing the work that others with more access should’ve been doing, but it was my life in my early 20s. What I learned mostly from the experience was how not to be used by the chain of command. And Brother Bob’s words would come on the back of a raid on my study group because of a speech given by the brother that would, in my mind, be my greatest educator even after a Bachelor’s degree.


What many of us fail to understand in situations such as belief of higher norms, and the like, is that someone is on Earth actually studying what power looks like in the not so considered supernatural sphere. what the more refined and well-read call ‘politics’ is often segregated in the minds of the “true believer” from that of their organization. At the age of 19, I met a brother that had killed a man in defense of a woman he was with while selling the newspaper of his religious organization. Now, I will be the first to admit, the brother detested my heartbeat. In his words, he didn’t understand anything that wasn’t hardcore;if it didn’t kill, he couldn’t understand it. And, this was who I was presented with as a guide and instructor. Yeah, my life…


So, I learned a lot about what it means to sacrifice your life for those that could care less. I saw the letters that Elijah Muhammad had written to the brother during the brothers life long stay in prison. I watched the brother’s movements, and I was “groomed” by two of his best students. I failed to understand what would make such a strong man become a victim to such vile detachment from a general that offered so much to the army. How does one deal with being taken for granted after providing the perfect example of what your teachings should look like in action? How do you sleep at night with such inconsideration gnawing at your conscience?


During my incarceration, I learned to hate Black organizations for this emotional control over their following. I would become a student in every school of thought that I was able to given my conditions. I sat and I watched the imams, the ministers, the preachers, and all of these religious pimps. And I kept wondering who became the first politician as we associate that term: the priest class or the royal family proper?


And as the academics lean more heavily on the usage of binary thinking, and holier than thou type terminology, it is getting more difficult for me to separate the modern day priest class of religious propagandist from those colleagues of theirs in the academic community. It is very telling that Al Sharpton during his campaign for president of the United States of America was assisted and guided by Cornell “Yes, Jay-Z I’ll Bow, Too” West. Brother Bob and I walked the yard one night as he was giving me a lesson about the Black people that lived on the Sun, and I brought up a speech that I had recently heard of Farrakhan’s. In the speech, an order was given to those inside the concentration camps to murder rapists. I asked Brother Bob how we were to respond. He looked at me like I was an idiot and stated,”It is very easy to talk about murder so many miles behind a podium.” And then he hit me in my chest really hard.


People that are close and personal do close and personal things. Everyone has to eat. Not all of us are going to be hunters. Not all of us are going to be gatherers. Many us of will have to find sponsors to assist us in our provision of necessity. Power tends to work in the same way as food. As a homeless man, I tend not to be too picky, but my particular palette with the help of my mother and Asylum Staff will pursue certain diets even though I could settle for lower quality, and in some instances, probably should. No matter what, you do what you want to do. The provision of power no matter what the objective circumstances dictate is still will power. If I want to be whatever, it is my choice. The sacrifices never change day to day for me.


So, what makes a pimp? A pimp is a person that exploits psychological weakness. Namely, the psychological weakness of belonging and the vulnerabilities pursuant. How pretty are you? How handsome are you? “I can make you more attractive than you already are. My God has made the most specific formula of attractiveness available to all that believe. Now, belief is simple. But, the true blessings come to those that work. See, belief is nothing without action.” And we see this particular line of thought being remixed in various ways throughout most of the Black organizations I’ve been apart of. We tend to believe in a totem pole of attributes. This is greatly advanced in a capitalistic society where you have a material surplus economy. The “I have more or better toys than you” type of thinking. I’ve been told by those that are qualified as genius that I’m a genius. Where are my genius toys at? It works. Invidious comparisons make us think and respond.


How important are you? Think about every element of that question. How do you answer that? This is where the gun comes out and you find your Self in front of a judge and nobody from your organization has even accepted a call from you. If the story is controlled by any entity but your Self, get ready for the worst. The pimps in whatever uniform will make sure the purpose of your existence is to fulfill their honor. I watched a Farrakhan video one time where the dude invites these white folks and academic types on the stage, right? And they aren’t apart of the NOI. Now, the rank and file is on the floor making sure if someone decides to pull a trigger, they will be there to either go to the morgue or sit in Cook County until the state of Illinois grabs them. The brothers on the floor are told that he has a dinner meeting with those on the stage, and that they aren’t invited. You know? Like in corporate America, some have to be the niggaz, while the masters tend to figuring out what the niggaz will do next week. This immediately sets up the hegemonic totem and desire to climb. If you didn’t pack your bags and flush your bow tie down the toilet then, then this is the life you’ve accepted.


I was taught by a fairly prolific and studious brother that if you hate something, you want no parts of it. That means you will wear a potato sack made by the Chinese instead of an Italian suit if you are against descendants of Europe. If you are truly against a particular system, then you don’t support it by having your niggas walk alongside Bentleys, correct? You don’t use the methodology of oppressors on your people if you say that you are supposedly healing them from their oppression. That’s like a nigga breaking a woman that once was tied to another brother. “That nigga ain’t treat you like I do, did he? You ain’t never had this type shit with him, huh?” But you still pimping.


Jim Jones used to keep his niggas and whores busy. I saw this one clip of Jim Jones being protected by the FOI. That was some eye opening imagery there, let me tell you. But, that is how it works. If you are in the rank and file of one army, you are in the rank and file of every army. A nigga is everybody’s nigga. Don’t you see those Arabs, Indians, and Chinese liquor stores, food stores, and hair supply stores throughout your local Black urban environ? A whore is everybody’s whore. If you don’t have the will to break and be free from your belief that a man could be god over you, then you will not be freed by the many gods that walk amongst us. Including my Self and my Asylum. As much as I love Imhotep, we don’t do the pyramid scheme in this camp. We like Kaba’s. Even and square dealing. I have enough trouble keeping a job let alone being worried to death about how my minister thinks I’m submitting to his will. I don’t have the emotional wherewithal any longer. My nerves won’t allow me to let you put my belief system and my financial well being in your plan book. I can’t do it. It is difficult enough to be politically correct around people that despise my funky drawers without having to give someone free reign over what I will think about spooks and goblins. Especially when the only thing that makes them more important than me is the spooks and goblins, coupled with the power everyone else in the cult is giving away.


What makes you less important than the person that says they are the spokesman for a damn goblin? Why do you have to take so much abuse for your belief in the man that represents the goblin in order to feel important? What does that say about your Self-image and self-esteem that you don’t have enough sense and brain power to investigate for your Self and build a rapport for your Self with this goblin? Will your belief in the person that says they speak for your Goblins place you in a prison? Will you take orders from Arabs in the name of your Goblin as the spokesperson walks away with a briefcase full of money into that Bentley you helped pay for? Will you allow a book written by people that brought you not only the genocide of Carthage but the slaughter of thousands of their own babies to convince you that Goblins have cursed you and your skin? I know, them goblins bad. I spent a few years short of a decade fighting for goblins until I realized the goblins are going to have to goblin up and fight their own battles like I did.


Don’t let anybody make you into an idiot.


Three punches to the chest…