Cultural Attenuation

Perspective is the child of cultural attenuation and resonating principles. Resonating principles are often a balance of media synthesis coupled with experiential osmosis. Cultural attenuation is the process by which a person imbibes the values, standards and practices of their culture, commits to memory the lessons passed down through oral tradition and then begins a routine of procedural steps that tend to weaken the spirit, or flow of mental energy being given to them. The stronger the resonating principles of influences not directed by the culture, or better said, the culture of those that have sacrificed the most for the well-being of the individual, and the perpetuation of the said culture through that individual, then more attenuated the cultural signal will become.This is not an argument to absolve the irresponsible or the selfish of their need to convince others to conform, however, conformity is a natural state. The question that should be dealt with is the degree to which humans are conforming to nature versus forces of influences commanded by manipulators. A simple statement? Indeed. And yet, how many of the slaves raped by European Americans, how many of the millions of Africans sold by their more resourceful counterparts, how many black males murdered by the discharge of police pistols do you think it would take to change the tide of conformity through manipulation? If the answer to that question alludes you, you are not alone.

A simple understanding of the degree to which many of us have been separated from nature is a question I ask people often when describing ailments. How much water are you drinking? How often are you eating, and what? How often are you exercising? Due to the template short-circuiting of many of my associates, the common answers are not answers to the questions I’ve raised. Those queried tend to respond with statements that suggest that they are drinking enough water, exercising enough, and the like. And yet, if I were a doctored practitioner of medicine attempting to create a funnel where the populaces income could be channeled into my banking account, I could develop all sorts of undocumented and unhealthy means to sell as solutions to ailments that are simply bodily imbalances. Oh, I’m incorrect? The water you intake is what prevents you from dehydrated. At 70% water necessity, the human body must become a capacitor along the circuitry of any water system. If you are suffering from simply gastric imbalances, forms of jaw locking, dry eyes, migraines that stem from dry eyes then why wouldn’t a suggestion to drink more water from an individual who has suffered all of this suffice? Cultural attenuation. Elijah Muhammad told the world to eat to live. Black community still suffers from the dietary habits of slavery.

What makes it so difficult for many Blacks to listen to other Blacks? Why is that there is so much ado about posturing in the black community? What is occurring where Blacks who are creating the most common forms of Black(US) speech are being attacked Ebonics promoters that are simply imitating the same media the white people are? Francis Cress Welsing discussed the atrocities that come with the alienated mind and yet the Black community still has yet to embrace every facet of its expression. For every polemic dispersed from the pen of Cheik Anta Diop came an opposing arguments from the very individuals that needed the psychological healing of well studied findings.