Dear White Women…

“We did the same work as men–organizing around voter registration and community issues in rural areas– usually with men. But when we finally got back to some town where we could relax and go out, the men went out with other women. Our skills and abilities were recognized and respected, but that seemed to place us in some category other than female. Some years later, I was told by a male SNCC worker that some of the project women had made him feel superfluous. I wish he had told me that at the time because the differences in the way women were treated certainly did add to the tension between black and white women.” – Cynthia Washington, “Southern Exposure”

“Shortly after that summer, black women in SNCC complained to the male leadership that they could not develop relationships with black men as long as black men could so easily turn to involvement with white women.” – Michele Wallace, “Black Macho And The Myth Of The Superwoman”

Eh…words will be the death of me..

So, last week I wrote a post. In the body of the post I mentioned a quote from my step-father with regard to white women. As an addedum to the quote I mentioned that I didn’t date white women anymore. It was possibly worded in a way for many that makes me read much like the reverse John Mayer. And like Mayer I received a stream of responses in the subliminal.

Alright. I’ve been here before, right?

Understand that the Asylum is no longer a blog with an audience of my coolest classmates. The Asylum is no longer a blog, in a lot of ways. And most importantly, it must be understood that the Asylum is the favored spot of one thousand or more visits a day. The Asylum entertains and informs people from all of the varied walks of life. Cool.


The Asylum is still the writings and thoughts of a guy whose story has so many twists and turns I can’t always digitally transcribe them without causing the average human resource worker to cringe. I’m a very live character. An adventurer even. I tell my story here, because this is what I have to tell my story. And it is still MY STORY.

Granted, the Asylum is ours, now. I get that. And it is home to more than just one gender, and one race. I am totally aware of that. However…

I can’t appease everybody. I’m not condemning interracial relationships. I’m not demeaning white women. I’m just stating that I am in a place where sacrificing my lust and limiting my lust simply makes sense. I come from a people that have very few sensible cultural patterns. Most of our cultural patterns are based on slavery. And those are based on emotional acts, and expressions of physical extensions that entertain the elite. My people behave for money thrown at them. In a society that only respects those that have collective respect, I have chosen to sacrifice my life for the team. I understand that all this bullshit is bullshit. But my people need somebody to show them just how much of a game society is.

So I don’t date white women.

Does that make me the bad guy?