Don’t Force A Fit :: On Quality Versus Quantity

Often I find myself as referee in a heavyweight bout between two champion level boxers. In one corner, the mighty brawler with quick and never tiring punches, Quantity. In the other, the calculating and patient warrior, Quality. In writing, especially online content creation, the notion whereby Quality always loses to Quantity is less accurate. The online world at this date, is primarily one of markets and branding. A digital collage and gallery of images and words strung together for the purpose of influence and credit card form filling, numbers, or the quantity of a thing–much like on any sales arena–matter a great deal more than books in a movie theater, albums on an ipod shuffling through songs, or Black lives during a Police conference.


My philosophy and religion, Asylum, is predicated on a mantra of simplicity. And, simply put, I do not put much effort in doing what is unnecessary or more than I need to. I do not force fits. If it does not go in the first time, I will give it enough attention to make it invite me in, but I do not spend much more than that with the foreplay of activity outside of the sexual. It simply has never paid off or panned out well for me. That being typed, in my online pursuits, I’ve learned that quantity attracts and quality defines.


The quantity of a thing has a tendency to evoke its substance. The quantity of the act is what is typically used to assess its consistency, or a person’s character. How often we post on social media allows for our visibility. It begins to shape our brand and forge our image. The quantity speaks to the what. Quantity also demands a lot effort. Quantity is the force of consistent action in a particular field and the resulting yield.


Quality appreciates. Quality speaks more to expertise than quantity does; despite their kinship. Quality has the capability of alienating the less rarefied of consumers from the connoisseurs. Where quantity can be overwhelming, quality tends to be substantive, fulfilling. Quality is the difference between a lot and enough.


Asylum can often be the practice of the Self Sculpture. Not in the sense of molding that which is into that which is not, but the exact opposite. In life we can often be handed a clump of conditions that need to be chipped into what the designer had in mind. That is not to give credence to fate or predestination, but to remind my Self that I may have been here before and their are some characteristics about my Self that are more refined and sophisticated, capable of defining me better than others. Once again, not to frame my Self in the definitions of others, but some social conditions and environments demand that which is the best of us in the now, not the later, not the give me a few more hours to practice, but the right now. The Now demands quality, it expects that you have either already put in the necessary quantity to rise to the occasion of the Now.


One of my concerns with the digital social space is its illusion of the unlimited. Often I find when one believes something to be unlimited, they become wasteful in their assessment of quantity. Why would one worry about doing too much of something that one cannot run out of? Probably because it lacks good judgement to believe anything in a material existence is infinite, especially but not limited that which is manufactured and channeled by USA’s brand of capitalists. The Now demands quality; but if the Now is not demanding anything, it probably is excessive. Excessive is not quality, it is quantity beyond necessity.


My measuring stick here is whether the urgency of Now is there or not. If it is, I take that walk on water. If not, I walk to the storehouse and ask Joseph to watch over my treasurers. This is even in the case of what most would consider the mundane world of digital content creation. I refrain from pushing my spiritual beliefs on others because that is not spirituality, that is religion, however, I do not think anything is mundane, just more or less dense.


Some words do not need to be typed. It will not impact your precious follower count or remove you from the first page of Google. Some of the time, it is better to leave a few of your written thoughts in draft form. Save them for another Now.


There will always be another Now.