Drake and Some Hookers: What Is Authentic Art?

Hey, what’s up everybody reading this.

Um, had a lengthy discussion with a child hood friend recently about male roles. Now, one thing that I often demonstrate is that we construct this patterns or paradigms of behavior based on what successfully places us in a position of power or success. I was watching this interview of Drake and I was amazed at how his persona is totally different than his music. I understand entertainment and the socialized views we often adapt to fit in. I also understand being phony. There is a difficult stretch to walk when we are in a line of selling images that can prompt us to be inauthentic.

So that line of reasoning got me to think about the Owl avatar. For those that don’t know, my name is Jay Farand. I’m a web designer and developer by trade, and a media analyst. Those are my professional titles, and I hold degrees in all of the said categories. I’m also a lover of good wine, good music, and I’ve been known to critique an art piece here and there. I’m also skilled at cunnilingus but that may not be any of your business.

What I have been able to distill and ascertain from my studies of media, especially technology is our inability to convey a third dimensional persona. Now, you can’t possibly know me from my blog or my twitter stream. You can get an idea of what to ask me, but even then, you may be persuaded by your own personal judgments and insecurities. I’m a pretty well rounded character and extremely insightful. Much of what I write is not for the purpose of attention whoring. Not saying I am above exacting attention from people, but usually I am trying to get a message of some sort out. I’m much more of a teacher than I am an entertainer. In fact, I’d rather not be considered an entertainer.

I look at many of the antics of our “artist” and wonder where the hell the art is. Even boxers at some point have to put down the gloves and live a fairly reasoned life. When I walk through the neighborhood I notice that the young men don’t seem to know when to call the posturing quits. And ultimately, the act of being a man is not quite as beneficial as actually being one. And I’m noticing more and more women embracing this culture of inauthentic aggression. I call the “OWL” an avatar because that is what it is. Does that mean this is not me? I say it is me in fluid poetry and writing. But if I don’t eat, and if I don’t get this internet or phone bill paid, there is no “Owl”.

I don’t have to make up my misadventures. I was fucking up way before I ever thought of using “Owl” as a screen name. I was living the life described through my online meanders long before twitter was ever developed. As a man, I am moving away from the insane thoughts and indiscretions. What I see in hip hop is the exact opposite. As I develop this blog and this forum, I am putting away many of the thought patterns that once caused me much anguish. In much of the music that is being embraced, the artist is attempting to conjure up visions of themselves that fit some sort of remake of the mindless Buck from the early days of media. It has gotten so coonish that a young man asked,”What’s a goon to a goblin?” What the hell makes a person compare themselves to a fucking goblin?

As I ponder these things, there is a young lady who was raised on this music whose mother is still teaching her that a man should not be concerned about receiving, only giving. While that young woman sacrifices her college years for motherhood with a young boy who thinks education is a waste of time, I wonder what type of childhood these ladies had…

Eh…who the hell am I but some guy who considers his most personal thoughts in public an asylum…