Eleven Very Short Thoughts On US Black Media Space

  1. The concern with historical(as well as ahistorical) political narrative is that it often supposes a pattern similar to fiction story.

  3. And in its format(crisis-confrontation/labors/development-resolution), some students might think this is how life resolves itself, too

  5. Systems are often extended through time based on the assumption of secure and infallible processes.

  7. Fairy tales, myths, folklore, and the like present these formats to us, these narratives, and yet much of life works much differently.

  9. Much of the west is saturated in a psychology that presupposes binary realities, characters based not on internals, but externals.

  11. Often our society reduces us to not WHO we are, but what we are, and especially in the USA, what we have obtained.

  13. We often understand the devices used in the thirty minute sitcom, and yet, we still often process like a character of a thirty minute sitcom.

  15. We often tend to seek one method for solution for one problem at a time in an existence where multiple problems ALWAYS persist.

  17. We wish as individuals to be treated outside of the set of our human similarities and yet treat human problems as constants.

  19. Instead of thinking that, “hey, this worked for them it MIGHT work for us,” we tend to say,”this occurred for them it HAS to be the way.”

  21. We are often socialized to assume and presume security in a space defined by its insecurity and lack of permanence.