Elite Education or education for the elites?

The social contract is taken for granted. You are born into
citizenship like american blacks were born into slavery, and now many poverty. There was no
choice in that matter. The minute one comes out of the womb in this
country, and the doctor smacks their bottom, and pink or blue blankets
are ruffled through-the socialization process has begun.
Due to the tacit nature of the social contract, the education system
of the US hurts its agenda. I believe that Barack Obama, in his
elitist thinking has failed to understand that much of the money that
flows through the black community is driven by the current of black
businessmen who dropped out of high school. That seems to be possibly
the very reason they were able to do it:their socialization wasn’t
completely channeled through a process that makes people conform to
the criteria of a class based economic system.

What Obama is really saying when he speaks to his room of elites, but
country of undereducated, when refering to “dropouts” in his
paternalistic “they live shattered lives”, is that they live outside
of the system. Obama mentions that these “dropouts” live on government
assistance, and Obama is one of the architects of the bailout, where
the college educated rich who robbed and shattered not only the lives
of the middle class, but the country itself- where given government
assistance. And still are.

What Obama wants and the rich in general, is to produce more workers.
More workers makes the corporations stronger. The education system is
apart of a social contract, that many of sign just by being born in
this land. A social contract that asks you to pay taxes, but schools
that don’t teach students how to file their own taxes without the aid
of digital applications or H&R Block. A social contract that states
that you have to support the government financially, but you aren’t
allowed full transperancy of military acts, yet you can be wire
tapped. A social contract that states that ignorance of the law is no
defense, yet high schools don’t require more than a civics class,
nothing that delves deeply into the true nature of law and what
precedences have been set.

I am pleased the President has set his sights on education, and has helped to provide over 43,000 new jobs in that field. However, I pray that he understands that a high school diploma has lost much of its value, and many have found self-sufficiency without it. If we truly want to improve the knowledge base of the country, we would either finance Harvard educations for everyone who seeks one, or extend high school educations to include a college level curriculum in all public high schools. I am for extended week schools, even reducing the time spent away from school during the summer time. I would also support extending public education past the senior of high school, possibly making it two to three years longer.

We hold the taxpayers and hard working citizens of the country accountable to a social contract that imposes responsibilities that many have not been prepared for. In this present social contract, those citizens are led by members of society who stigmatize them based on elitist standards. The elected leaders of the hard working use the tax money to finance the very corporations and institutions that make it difficult for the working class to achieve those same said standards. Many in this country are high school dropouts and are able to provide, and sometimes have to dropout in order to provide.

Please, Mr. President, get real. Change the system, stop playing the same blame game as all of your predecessors played…