Everlasting Love











They say that anything worth having is worth sweating for
Maybe even worth dying for
Attacking more character defects than a cartoonist’s eraser
Just so that what was causing grief can finally become deceased
Dedicating endless hours to undoing the power that had caused the planes that crashed into the twin towers; the mind and the heart
Reminded by art that perfection can be captured in a moment
Holding on to every moment like integers and exponents
An ex won’t win, when it comes to forever capturing my feelings
Not even sexual healings can suffice when it comes to the payment of the ultimate price
To the point where rattling the dice no longer gives that sensational rush
Lust can’t even be it’s usually abrupt manner
Enough manners to pass the mother-father test
Yes, upon this quest, one must apologetically confess;
For that Everlasting Love, anything is possible

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