F.R.I.E.N.D.Z.(Another Asylum concert review…or something like one)

Clever acronyms. Like school girls spelling out love numbers and adding them up to spell words. ‘Friend’ can sometimes be like that. You can win the influence of thousands of those so-called ‘friends’, but no book find you people that sincerely just enjoy your personage, AND(see what I did there? Big words indicate a capitalist individualism…but, it’s me…) WE can work together and create. That’s a great mesh when you have people in your life that you can do that with. Cherish THOSE(alright, not always…but still…) friends.

And no, this will be another Owl post. And yes, we are going to discuss the concert, but…(complete overuse of the ellipses(as I over use this(excuse me), these parentheses)…I like doing syht my way. And in a world, not a “life” he wrote, where you have to depend, it helps to at least have some sort of independence to tell you who you should be depending on, and who should be treated like transvestite condoms. No matter what lane you travel, or if you just always find your Self traveling away, remember to stay grounded. Remember those that got you there. No matter where there or here might be. Alright, y’all, as you can tell, I’ve missed the Asylum. And yes, I can time my piece, it is a timely piece.

After visiting my mother(she had stroke…yeah, it is bad. Naw, not sure when she gets out, I’ve asked the physical therapist repeatedly, sure, sure, please, if you can send anything to her to make her recovery smoother, hit up me.), I made that drive down Skinker, back through those familiar backroads of University City to play journalist with my childhood buddy[When you proud of people, you can call them syht like, “buddy”[and yes, I intentionally used a brace…]. He was in jogging pants, still, and greeted me at the door with his son. We did the five minute thing(you know what the five minute thing is, if you don’t, hit me up in the comments) and went downstairs in his basement. I immediately saw the pyramid powerbench Now, mind you, it has been awhile since I’ve played with weights, so, of course I was compelled to see if I could lift what was on the bar. I laid my back down on the rack, and lowered my head under the bar and did a set. Once I was done, C was looking for music while debating if he should interview another group after the Curren$y set. I’m already knowing the level of mood altering we would be involved in after the initial show, but I felt he could handle it. Plus I don’t get many justifiable reasons to get out the house these days, so I wanted to stay out and play.


He burned a cd of Curren$y’s music so we could have a feel for the artist. I was never into Curren$y, but I used to listen to Fiend. The final product for the night was a piece for the River Front Times reviewing the event. That factored into my wanting to be a tad bit more familiar with Curren$y’s catalog. I’m still not a fan, but I respect the…(guess what I’m about to type…nope…)…loyalty. I don’t just listen to music, you know? I like to follow it, or associate closely with those that have more love for it than my Self. And I remember Fiend. I can’t say that I’m a fan of the young brothers, Monster Beats, but I felt that I would be well rewarded to keep up with the brother in the grey fitted with the exclamation point on it, Nesby Phelps(http://www.nesbyphips.com/www.nesbyphips.com/BOOM!.html – yeah, he needs to contact me for a new site, but I do respect those lighters). The southern drawl and energy is known for the ubiquitous infection it has left the world with. And before I forget to mention, the choice of venue was solid.
The Old Rock House Cafe has that classic St. Louis style architecture(read: shit built back when Dred Scott was being told he had no rights that a White man would respect). For those reading this from St. Louis, it puts you in the mind of the restaurants on the landing. One thing I do love about this place I call my nativity, is that it captured a similar feel to the South as opposed to say, a Chicago, or many other “midwestern” cities. That is not dismiss the North, West, or East, or any other area of human concentration on the globe, but it is to say I like vibe of my big town. And Curren$y was able to use that familiarity that St. Louis and New Orleans share;a friendship that stems beyond even the families that had to relocate her after Katrina.
As I stated several times to my comrade, I didn’t like that the club was packed at least 400 men to 50 women, and most of the women there were manacled. I’m seriously praying like the confused child of a devout Muslim and a Jehovah Witness that “swag” doesn’t spawn the first admittedly homosexual rapper with international prominence. Jokes…but…eh, moving on.
As a review of the concert, I’d say I enjoyed my Self, but only because of the overall synergy of the crowd, the ambiance, and the Dj with the puffs, Bombshell Boogie. After the first crew of club warm up djs, I was ready for the beautiful(I don’t even do model type chicks, but I have a weakness for dark skin) sister that spun for the rest of the evening. Although I felt that the crowd participation could have been somewhat more fervent, I was entranced by the mood that was set by the artist. I could appreciate it when Fiend walked through the patio and embraced his fans. Kyjuan stopped through with Murphy Lee, and after building with me about the finer aspects of the Vegan lifestyle(he’s the one that compared the dietary practice with religious-like overtones(jokes) to a condom), me and the homie headed back here…oh, here is his spot.

Back in the basement where I’ve finished my 1000 word post(another Asylum classic…*winks*), and he’s still rewinding the audio getting ideas. How’s that for friends?

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