Freddie’s Dead :: The Murder Of Freddie Gray By Baltimore Patrollers

Freddie Gray of Baltimore, Maryland was killed by the Baltimore police, the fight in him just took awhile to die.


On the twelfth of April, 2015, Freddie was stopped by Baltimore patrollers for being Black in a Black neighborhood. According to the patroller, officer Garrett Miller, Freddie, understanding the racial psycho-dynamics of a Whyte patroller finding him Black while in a Black neighborhood, “fled unprovoked upon noticing police presence.” Freddie was eventually unable to escape the patrollers, and what is reported to be a switchblade was found on his person. He was immediately handcuffed, today’s version of yester-centuries’ chain and metal restraints. According to the police report, he was arrested for having a switchblade.


Freddie Gray Police Arrest Report



“Without force or incident”


Patroller Miller would use a phrase to describe the capture of Freddie that seems remarkably contradictory in light of a video that surfaces of the abduction of Freddie. Miller states the physical and unwarranted subduing of Freddie was “without force or incident”. When one looks at the video, the words “without force or incident” probably are the last to enter the mind. Freddie is literally being dragged. Now, recall, Freddie is Black in a Black neighborhood and sees the patrol uniform nationally recognized as the same sort of uniform worn by those that killed Mike Mike Brown, Rekia Boyd, Aiyana Jones, Tanesha Anderson, Tamir Rice, Von Derrit Droop Meyers, and the 351 other people murdered by patrollers this year. There should be no confusion in any aware human’s thinking(that is still properly wired by nature to survive) why Freddie would run while being Black in a Black neighborhood. What should be confusing, however, is why Miller would state that the imprisonment of Freddie was “without force or incident” when obviously he is being dragged with what looks like possibly a damaged ankle and witnesses screaming, while one of the witnesses is stating how he was tasered prior to be sat on like a deer after a hunt by patrollers.



Freddie Gray Video Recording One


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Freddie Gray Video Recording Two


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While in the back of a patroller’s wagon, “without force or incident”(once again, Miller’s words), somehow, Freddie needed to be taken to Shock Trauma via medic. While officer testimony on the events that occurred in the back of the patroller’s wagon is suspiciously scant, Freddie would need medical surgery. According to the timeline given by patrollers, after Freddie was abducted, dragged in metal chain to the back of the patroller’s wagon, a few minutes down the rode, more metal was requested. An iron While in the back of a patroller’s wagon, Freddie sustained eighty percent(80%) spinal injury to his neck, and had to undergo a double surgery on three broken vertebrae and an injured voice box. Prior to undergoing surgery, Freddie lapsed into a coma, died, was resuscitated, stayed in a coma. Freddie Gray’s murder would take seven days after his spirit finally gave up the fight on April 19, 2015 at approximately 7am in the Eastern time zone.


Six police officers involved with the incident have been suspended with pay.