Friends, what made me think of that as a topic of discussion…? Geezus kirist. Alright, let me dig in…


I’m in college with a buddy of mine I’ve known for over twenty years now, and I willingly admit, that he is my friend. He someone that dislikes seeing me in pain, but will not allow me to bring him in mine as he assist me in my road to recovery. He has his expectations, but never have the expectations come between the bond. He knows I’m human, and he understands that as a person, I have to fulfill obligations across the board. He understands that at times I can be a half-ass brother(hahah), he seems to be alright with that. A friend doesn’t have to be a crutch, and often they shouldn’t be. Too often in my life I have associated with those who have sought to assist me with their ass to kiss.


I was asked about relationships, and in my mind, a committed…COMMITTED relationship between a man and a woman should be a friendship. There should be a sharing of common interests and pursuits so that when the road gets forked, the two don’t separate but can collaborate to achieve a higher level of commitment. In hollywood and Hip-Hop”wood” we see the image of the institution of marriage meaning nothing more than a comfortable arrangement to unite bank accounts. The relationships don’t last long, and some of the ones that I’m thinking about that do last for decade or two(damn…crack is a helluva drug…) don’t seem to end well. I understand the need for practical actions and decisions in a capitalist society. We all should be striving for a higher expression of economic independence and self-sufficiency, but I don’t recommend pimping yourself to someone for life. I’ve heard it said several times,”Obligation kills desire.” And once you are obligated to someone you only desire for money or sex, well…I hope the court and attorney fees don’t hurt the children’s college fund.


In the Us American Black community and culture, especially among the young ladies, it has become popular to say,”I don’t have friends,I just have associates.” I’m not the world’s friendliest character, but I know that without those that I can call on in times of desperation and grievous turmiol…I might not be here to type these words to you.And please don’t misread me. I’ve been robbed by people that I considered trustworthy, I’ve seen what envy does to your closest intimates. I know how cold the metal of betrayal feels when it is being stabbed into your back. Yet, I have decided that a person is not an island, and it helps if the bridges that bond us are securely established through a certain dedication to the ideal of friendship.


I’d like to hear your thoughts on friendship, as I know that it is one of those phrases that we all have a tendency to define differently.

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