Grasp The Principles, Better Yet, Stop Smoking That Root…

“Grasp the subject, the words will follow.”

-Cato, The Elder


While reading the piece “Who Celebrates Kwanzaa?” on The Root, I ran across this sentence:

“According to an unscientific poll of 472 of The Root’s readers, only 35 percent of respondents currently observe Kwanzaa an African-American holiday based on seven principles that is celebrated over the last week of the year.”


I initially thought of many of the ideas I have about power and words. I’m appreciative that they admitted to doing a non-scientific poll, but I would have to say that in comparison to Harvard, MIT, and Stanford’s assessments of Black people on Twitter, The Root might be more accurate in execution. I suppose The Root, in a dark and quaint way, represents the root of the core of Black United States’ dilemma. Namely, we suffer from a form of servitude that not only didn’t serve to be in the best interests of Blacks, but it provided for Black inferiority. A Black inferiority that would seek to question the importance of a cultural gesture designed For Back people by Black people. Always of importance is recognizing just how the composition of an audience rarely reflects the state of the statements within its lofty documentation. In the same vein that Black Enterprise magazine presumes to be servicing the Black entrepreneur, and yet not one of its vehicles of allowing the Black entrepreneurs to engage the assumed Black readers is being used by a Black entrepreneur. The name of the media outlet is the Root, and yet it is working to separate Blacks from their roots.


Another poor example of Blacks unable to utilize the media as a means of empowerment for Self-determination. In fact, what you have is a political expression of gate-keeping working to use the notions of Obama’s mutt vision, color blind, post-racial, post-reality society. As Cornel West refused to address the topics of West’s lifelong scholarship with Jay-z, a perfect reflection of the strength of Marx’s analysis of Capitalism, the elder scholar decided to play toady and instead of froggy. For whatever reasons…


The numbers that are being forced into a corner with an extended clip hanging from a bias actually represent the power and reach of the days used to individually recognize the principles found in the Eastern High Science and Mystery Universities, that the man accused of falsifying the life of a whole man named Socrates, Plato, attended. Karenga obviously was going to have a difficulty garnering as much support for Blacks that would have had to have a double barrel to the left temple in order to continue moving towards their freedom let alone to give up the “birthday” of their prison food god. For him to have as many of the sort of elders he had to deal with embracing the Nguzo Saba, I’d say he did quite well. For him to be able to access the lives of the younger generation that even Obama had to cheat to reach by product placing Ipods on the campaign trail for his 2008 presidential bid, I’d say he quite well. The point that I’m making in this is that The Root makes the mistake of Black analysis whereby the invidious comparisons created as a by product of oppressed people using the scales and rulers of their oppressor are visited more than the benefit of Blacks of that which is being analyzed, the ‘untouchable undesirables” of this country and how they can achieve the liberty they never have had on this planet.


The article comes off as a joke for hits to The Roots website. A common trend among the scarce of imagination who tend to man these culls of unethical journalism under the flags of deep pockets and unprincipled bourgeoisie seeking a piece of the pie because they’re cultural norms became frightening after the last wave of psychological repressions enforced by the COINTELPRO. While these comedians with photojournalism degrees word the article, ”Who celebrates Kwanzaa?” with the emphasis here being on the elitist feces greased upper lip version of “who.” As in, “Who [that is concerned with their status in our broke back fraternal order would] celebrate Kwanzaa?”


Which raises a point that was subtle addressed throughout the piece under the criminal inception violation of continually referring to Kwanzaa as a ‘holiday.’ Kwanzaa is not a “holy day.” Unfortunately, due to the bastardization of all that is the height of Western propaganda, the citizens celebrate the ideas and lives of “saints” that they have not researched or questioned critically for a knowledge base most would consider necessary to make an educated or well-informed decision. Yet, many of we, the citizens of this country marry our romantic interests every year on February 14th, the celebration of a feast held on the day that it was typically held during the life of one of 14 slaughtered Roman saints. So, it is foolish to place such a term, loaded with unctuous historical delivery by well mannered pimps, as the nomenclature for the recognition of the seven highly regarded principles, known as the Nguzo Saba. The term “Kwanzaa” is Kwanzaa’s nomenclature; it is the verbal energy casing used to protect and identify the collective energies contained within. It is a recognition of those principles, those energies that our elder scholars decided would be better to serve us as we determined to empower them through active ignition.


This article is a farce worthy less of the beautiful branding that signifies our collective unity under not the branches of the tree, but its Root. Yet this root is poisoned to the point that it stinks, in fact it, the website, should be better suited to be called “The Onion” for this is a work of satire as my brother Z might be wont to write. Any of us that takes this piece or any other piece from the Root seriously without pure concern that our people-namely our Black women within these cubicles with nothing but time to read such trifling representations of information distillers- would become like the viewers of FOX news that were determined to be sorely less informed than any other of the cable news station loyal viewers. Our people don’t need anyone to help us dumb down. Thanks, but no thanks, Root, keep that to your Self.