.:Guest Post:.I am Oscar Grant.

During the aftermath of the Murderer Mehserle’s sentencing, I asked Our brother @KhairiAkili to write a few paragraphs regarding the outcome. These are his thoughts, and I agree with them 178%.

I am a bullet-riddled message to The People about the value of their lives. I am worth less than a dead dog or the thigh of a high paid athlete. I am the complete opposite of the “man” on the other side of the trigger. At least to them. Ask Mumia. I went from son, to father, to statistic, and my murderer walked. Not on the merit of faulty evidence, conflicting stories, or a shadow of a doubt but for the simple fact that the person sent to judge him is his comrade. They go to war together. So even though The People are outraged, we all knew this was coming. We knew upon seeing the execution of Oscar Grant that there would be no justice. There has never been justice for us. Even when the murder was uploaded to youtube quicker than news of it got back to the precinct, we knew he would walk. And yes, two years with time served in protective custody and probation for a public execution is a fucking vacation. Yet instead of organizing to get real justice, we continue to feign surprise, tweet til we feel better, until the next time our outrage is required. We have become the most reactionary people on the planet. Why?

Why is Mehserle’s sentencing a complete surprise to some and not as important as the latest Tyler Perry movie to others? Where is our leadership? Simply, they are afraid. Fear is the only reasoning behind our “scholars’” silence in the midst of echoing gunshots aimed at our children. Can’t talk with a gun in your mouth eh? Nor when it’s filled with the system’s dick. These cowards are whoring themselves out for a title and then being held hostage by it while our people are being killed and sent to prison concentration camps in record numbers for record profits. That is America’s new cash cow and these treasonously fainthearted agents would rather be pets than cattle. Their goal of reform from within is an excuse. Point blank. It is an excuse to keep from fighting. It is an excuse to not potentially become a Fred Hampton, Malcolm X or Martin Luther King, Jr. To die for the people in the pursuit of freedom. But why is that a concern when anyone can become an Oscar Grant, Aiyana Jones, or Sean Bell? That is the message that Mehserle was sending and that judge reconfirmed. Oscar Grant could be anyone and nothing can save you. Your money, degrees and Gucci are not bulletproof.

What do we do now? With our so-called leaders distracted by the comforts their title has afforded them, it is up to every man and women to protect themselves and their children. Every state sponsored gunshot should have been a call to action. If we plan to survive we first need to recognize that we are at war. Next we need to be able to provide our families with food, clothing, shelter and defense for and by ourselves. I’m not advocating armed struggle…yet. We haven’t even exhausted nonviolent means of combat. In a capitalistic society, money is a weapon and we are constantly arming our enemy. Buy in your community from people that are in your community, reinvest in your community and by all means, defend your investment. So when the system sends it’s couriers to us, we will have a message of our own from them.