Hawaiian Notes :: Sun Seven, Moon Seven

Our bodies still sore from the previous day’s excursion left us laggard as the Maui sun graced us on our last morning. After we packed up all our bags, visiting the porch(*cough* the view*ahem*) from time to time, we filled the car. Checking out of the Makena Beach Resort, we drove to Kihei for breakfast.


B picked a quaint little spot hidden in the middle of a set of malls. The 808 bistro lies in the center of a labyrinth of walkways that start between the 808 Deli and a surf shop.


Our breakfast done, we drove past the Kihei beach and strip one last time as we almost got stuck on car lot. It was a really small thing, one those, “I should have took a left instead of a right at Alcatraz” type of thing. But, it was funny finding our way out. After that comical departure from route, we found our Selves outside the Maui Outlet Mall. I purchased another sweater, I like to collect clothing from various cities we travel to. I purchased a hoodie from one of many stores across from Kihei Beach, and I wanted another heavy article. B found a really vivid number, an orange(one of her favorite colors) hoodie that I really liked.


Venturing through various stores in Maui’s Outlet mall, we finally had our loot collected, ready for purchase. Walking outside, B realized our flight was sooner than we planned for, so we stuffed our new purchases in our trunk. Driving to Maui’s airport, I felt a little empty, but I know B was ready to get back to our other other adorable life. I respected that. Maui is lovely, but there are some cultural elements I found unwanted and it yearned for a sexiness money cannot buy or purchase.


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