I Am The OWL…

Dance with Owl through the sands of time…enjoy me. My loneliness awaits your comfort….
While their tongues speak that of the otherworld…my actions speak that of the underbelly…
Welcome me into the thoughts of your membership and let them be not afraid…it is only Owl says he.
Remember me through your sunlit moments as I peel of the blood of vultures in prey. We are yet not the same.
Forget not the fires that I have lit in your ivory towers. Forget not the flame I have forsaken in your attics.
My life is but the early dew, settled in a warm but muddy place.
Today, you will speak of light’s most holiest of matrimony…but tonight…you will speak of gloom and sacrifice
But it is not you that must be carried off in that decorated sarcophagus, it is that niggardly owl…that bid us all doom…
And speak he no longer..unless he be of that ancient breath…
I am the Owl that ole creed speaks lovingly of
I am the Owl the of the West born of the western East
I am the Owl of the suffering
I am the Owl of the survivor gone mute
I am the Owl of the hungry who was not fed and died
I am the Owl of the caged and tortured sons
I am the Owl of the tears dropped proudly!
I am the OWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am the Owl that they speak…and I will return…