Inevitable Truth

I know it has been awhile since I’ve shared any poetry on The Asylum, and I’m not going to at the moment. *Smiles* What I would like to do is post some of my sister’s poetry. This is from J_Love5, now this sister has been down with The Asylum since when I was sleeping keyboards in school, so please be warm…


left me torn and tattered

bruised from its inevitable

departure from my life…

leaving me strung out on it

like it was an illegal substance..



i felt its wrath…

i felt its..warmth..


it use to hold me close at night..

calming my dreams..

it whispered sweet everything’s

in my heart.

then with soooo

many warnings..

it left..

i ignored. wouldn’t do me like this again..right…

HA! guess i was wrong..

played boo boo the fool..

and it was all worth it..

or was it?

Ive lost my mind..

‘insane in my membrane’

down is up,

and up is down..

in is out..

and out is round..

out is loud..

cuz love is gone.

without a trace of returning

anytime soon..

it left me

with tract marks in my heart

not easily broken…

yet wounded..

addicted to love…

with all the

wrong ones..

all the wrong ones..

all the wrong pieces

that never added up..

yet.. i gave love..

dance that intoxicating

dance with love..

did the cha cha slide with love..

and just like that..

with that last slide..

love slid..

slid away to another love…

and left me..

on the damn dance floor.


oh love..

stop making.. a fooool.. of meeee’