Infinite Development

Building on the last article I posted, I was thinking about my own book, “The Better You.” If you haven’t purchased a copy, I would really like to suggest that you do. In that book, I actually explain how I myself got the book to exist, and how I got it sold. I am now in the process of reworking the steps I outline in the book. The book itself is a workbook, and what I am now using my own formula to do is to get the book self-published. I realize that I will need to write another book, that will outline the new principles I am learning, and applying while getting the book published.

I typed all that in order to get you ready for this next statement: You can never grew enough. You can never stop developing your better self. If you choose to, then yes. But it really is your choice. I believe highly in seeing things in a new light. As a person who has seen the worst that life has to offer, I often have to pull back from a situation and reanalyze it. I have to ask myself certain questions.

Is the situation truly that bad?

Is there something I’m not seeing?

Is there more to this than what is surface, or superficially revealing itself?

Is there a way that I can reframe this?

What are the positives, or the beneficial elements of this particular situation?

What have I learned from this situation?

What can I take from this and apply to another situation that I feel comfortable handling?

The list goes on. The major lesson that I ask all my readers to garner is to have a relaxed and balanced attitude. Trust me, there is no situation in existence that deserves your panic mode. A balanced mind is a sharp shooter on the roof who has been assigned the mission of eliminating all enemies in your walk. Will they always get the enemy, no. But it is better to have them there, then to have some frantic killer trying to get rid of your enemies. Your obstacles need to be defined by a flexible standard. There is simply no way you are going to overcome setbacks and concerns with panic. As I wrote in my book, yes, there are many lessons that come with the chaotic mindset, but if you form the habit of trusting the chaos, then you will only dive further into chaotic situations. Trust the ordered mind. Trust the soul at rest.

My name is J. Farand. I am the Owl of the Owl’s Asylum. This is my story. Thank you for paying attention…