Just A Few Words To The Black Blogosphere

I just want to do a quick post here.


I was allowed to touch base with several individuals that I respect for their craft and wisdom highly. Highly is not even a proper term for the degree. I was able to communicate with the brother Branf…um..Brandale last night via twitter, and I got to check out his update to the post that was critiqued here. I will link it at another date.


Something I don’t think the majority of Black people understand something. Namely, it is that many of those who are able to survive through what a condition such as induced poverty creates is through barter and trade. For most of my teenage years I ran a business. Sure, it might be noted through illegally accessed documents of my teenage years that what I was selling was illegal. Cool, whatevs, right? I still ran a viable business that afforded me a car and my home. If I had been more wise, or had better teachers, or had A teacher for that matter, I might have invested my money in something less illicit. The point that I’m making is that you have a general population of Black people that are highly apt at the arts of entrepreneurship. They simply need to apply the talents honed selling one object, to another object or service.


As of late, I’ve been able to finance myself through an ebook that I wrote, teaching classes on web design, and my web design services. Am I breaking the bank? Not yet, but the potential for greater success is obviously there. I don’t have a “job” so to speak. I’m not against anyone signing a contract of indentured servitude. I am saying that I don’t fit any of the categories that would deem me a good entrepreneur, and yet I’ve been an entrepreneur my whole life.


We’ve been discussing perspective through analysis for a couple of weeks now. I ask that everyone understand their perspective. What is vantage point? Where are you looking at the world from? Have you yourself ever run a business? Can you be vetted as an entrepreneur? Can those of your childhood remember when you where starting from scratch and trying to flip…er,save your earnings to make a reinvestment? If not, then why not make writings that express what your are completely sure of and let those that are doing and have done what you are claiming to inform others of do what they do. I can not support the writings of an ant discussing how to be a human. And no one that claims to be Asylum should. We of the Asylum are not simply word readers, we live be what is and what has been in order to build what should be. We of the Asylum write what we know from experience because we have much of it.


In closing, COULD THE BLACK BLOGOSPHERE PLEASE STOP WRITING AND LEADING MOVEMENTS BASED ON YOUR INSECURITIES STEMMING FROM YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH THE BLACK COMMUNITY? I get it. Not everyone was a great dancer, or fighter. Sure, I understand that completely. Not everyone in Black skin was able to sit at the table with the “cool kids”. Sure, I understand that too. My childhood was my childhood. I suffered as a child because I was amongst the rulership of children. As I became an adult and governed my conditions as an adult, I ceased to be tormented by my childhood fears. Grow up, guys. Get over it. Just damn get over it. The fucking future needs you to stop jockeying for the other team.