Kids Do The Darnedest Things…

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So, per my usual rounds about the world wide mental prison (web, net, encaging device, prison…same same, yes?), I came across the Twitter feed, or timeline of Coach Bilal Sankofa (@Blakoben – much recommended follow, chaps), and was startled to read the headline of a newspaper he had a posted a photo of. The headline of the Metro Philadelphia periodical read,”They allegedly killed a man for an $11 pizza.” The caption underneath furthered this, “Four young people between 18 and 23 reportedly lured married father of four to SW Philly house/As two women waited on a doorstep, two men gunned down deliveryman from behind, cops say/All they took was the pizza”. Below the caption glared the immortalized faces of Xylaca Devlin, 18, Keyona Jones, 18, Rashad CheeseBoro, 23, and Michael Covington, 21.


As I peered into the eyes of each of the alleged perpetrators of Ronald Anderson, Jrs murder, I allowed a statement I heard years ago,”…they still have innocence in their eyes…” The doctored furl imprinted on the face of the young ladies marked me strange. As if this physiological talisman would justify such ignorant behaviors. Yet, without convicting them in digital writ, I could only think of all the savage lives destroyed due to a culture so hell bent on proving points and glorifying the gods of street incredulity. In a home located in Pennsylvania sit four children who will never see their father again. An Afkan man that was married to an Afkan woman raising children together, mind you. Who assists the plumber of faucets that leak Afkan warm blood through cold blooded streams? Without assuming too much in a case such as this, we all possibly know or have heard of someone being molested of their breath in some extremely reckless and meaningless fashion.

An encouraged western aggressiveness heightened by a Jewish media machine is one factor. A factor where Harry Potter can influence a new generation of whiz kids to embrace their intelligence alongside the Wire being shown on television sets accessible in the same means that NWA was accessible to a 12 year old St. Louis writer I know. The Wire influencing the children of the children that were rewired by NWA, Menace II Society, and Belly to deem Afkan lives as no more valuable than a $10.90 pizza after taxes. In honor of our dying educational systems, the children of Ronald Reagan’s crack era, George Bush and Bill Clinton’s prison nation, George W. Bush’s No Child Left Behind Era, and Obama’s Overlook Evacuating the Troops in Chicago’s War but make sure to call Jay-z while calling Kanye an Ass era are bleeding one another like one of the more interesting episodes of True Blood.

The immediate theoretical framework here is Dr. Amos Wilson’s Black on Black crime, and yet, I’m at a lost for application in this and a few other recent urban misanthropic anecdotes. In the case that the story of the Homicide Capt. James Clark is correct, these young persons are of the brand of foolish dubbed most often as, “dumb ass.” And I’m starting to read about this degree of insanity more. It would be easy for a person to write these young people off, as much as I’m certain many have, and yet, they are still children psychologically damaged by the same system that causes a man to take a chance at delivering a pizza to a vacant house. Those are not the faces of killers. They are the faces of stupid, sure, but not a vicious lot. And yes, looks can be deceiving, but who murders over a pizza other than hypermasculine youth with psychological needles injecting them with messages of “being tough”, “being a thug”, “being hardcore” day in and day out? There is no invidious comparison here; there is only an adrenaline induced stupid stupor to do that which seems “gangster.”

The fact that there was some organization to an $11 pizza robbery isn’t lost on me either. The more Afkan part of me wants to type, “I wonder would they have carried out the mission if the delivering agent been White?” I also noted the class conflict between lumpen criminal and proletariat lower working class in this particular frame. I’ve noticed a penchant for lumpen criminals to sort the working class (blue and white collar) as lower than them Selves on the social totemic. The phrasing of thinking typically reads like,”I don’t job/gig, that’s what my girl does.” Given the nature of exclusion for most Afkan males from positions of employment, I can understand why this sentiment has originated. Given that the two women are placed in the position of decoy as the two males play rogue warriors also speaks to this arrangement. The devaluing of the Afkan working class due to privileged White male workers and a system of “capitalism” that has always been defined in deed by a lower strata of easy Afkan labor can be charged in this crime as well.

In closing, I extend my condolences to the lost of the Brother, Husband, and Provider, and hope that the punishment meted out upon these youths is within the prescriptions of Ma’at. I also pray that one day we, Afkans, will not need others to perform the duties of Ma’at, not only due to the elimination of stupid, but also because of our ability to enforce justice.