Leadership As Nurturance

He who begetteth a man, hideth his face; but he who killeth a thousand is honored.Moorish Koran, CHAPTER XLIV, Verse 5

For me, leadership is daunting because it calls for a high degree of doting, consoling, back rubbing, and catering to the attention sought by others. Good leaders give us our visions. Great leaders validate our talents and help forge our identities. Superior Leaders do both with a grace and ease only analogous to that of world-class athletics.


There is more than a half court shot of difference between a leader and a person with a platform. One tends to be talent demanding greatness, the other greatness demanding talent. Entertainers are sought out to provide us with escape from the monotony and drudgery of the every day struggle. While our leaders are sought out to provide us with escape routes away from the drudgery permanently.


It takes courage to be a leader. To speak directly of one’s beliefs as if laws is an act of bravery. To speak those same beliefs into the minds of people condition to only accept law from institutionally validated authority is heightened internal fortitude of the “get off my areolas” kind. Yet, the quality of leadership that seems to be most elusive for me is that of the nurturer. Leaders must not only exemplify the qualities of the coach, but also the nurse. Leaders must not only present us our laws, but our healings, too.

One of the most least appreciated professional groupings in the United States is the educator. And yet, without these strong willed and determined when under the pressure of impossible demands and even more demanding students, there would be that much less structure, ability to communicate, and reasoning skills than this highly anti-intellectual society already hosts.


The USA hands us as Bible beliefs that the extroverted, the male, the European, and the unfaithfully promiscuous heterosexual are only fit to lead. Honest history holds a different set of characteristics. A warped and bloody thread wraps and weaves through the DNA of USA. This often invisible strand is composed of Black Women mothering life while their own begs for death. Sacrifices written in dictionaries of human deed that can only read as, “selfless and above and beyond honorable.”


Salutes and championship accolades are tossed to the male and stoic. Those whose emotions only appear when scripted; where family is sacrificed for career and fame. However, leadership is more than political intrigue, more the back that brings stability to households. Not the betrayals of scandal that leave homes folding over like a house of cards.


Know thou, notwithstanding, that in this is error. Custom cannot alter the nature of truth, neither can the opinion of man destroy justice; the glory and the shame are misplaced.Moorish Koran, CHAPTER XLIV, Verse 6