Love Is Here

This is another poem from our Asylum favorite, @j_love5. Please check her work out, and she is my sister, so please allow the comments to reflect that respect…

It was like

we knew each other from another life

you were me, I was you

we were creation

no need for explanation

love transfered

when your breath

reached mines

and we were made anew



our eyes seeing each others souls

accepting our pasts

but looking forward to our

new found future together


in a past life

you were my best friend

I remember it like it was yesterday

you filled my spirit with

so much laughter

then you went away

and here

right now

in this moment

we are together

lvoing each other

just like it was written

in our destinies

time went on

but you were always in my heart

i carried you

thru the good

the bad

and sho nuff the ugly

cuz our love


beauty to emerge

beings combined

becuz of us

and thru time

i met him

you met her

and they were them

neither was us

they were filled with

heartfelt lust

so they left

i cried

you moved on

but here

in the now

it is us


not lust


cuz we trust

i give

you give