Love Poem, 143

This is another poem from our Asylum favorite, @j_love5. Please check her work out, and she is my sister, so please allow the comments to reflect that respect…

This is the poem I wrote and read for Mr. and Mrs. Hampton on their wedding day. 🙂

Love Poem, 143

Because love has no height

It is Limitless

It pushes through the farthest of


It can fill every oceans depth

It is the sweetest whisper

The kindest smile…

Never taking for granted…

Love waits when everything else is

In a rush.

It captures with ease

It will take you by surprise

When love opens its lips

To speak…

It seems like all the world is at peace


Standing front and center

Unity in a unique and special form

Created by God Himself..

It holds all warmth in its


It forgives

It supports…

It nourishes…

It excites and moves…

It allows freedom in its freest form

Holds no judgment of grief

Love sings every song in the right key

It refreshes the heart

Like water does the body.


What God has joined together, let neither man nor woman put asunder

With Love,

Jennifer Hemphill