MADE(Find. My. Way. Back. to. Happy.)

I know it has been awhile since I’ve shared any poetry on The Asylum, and I’m not going to at the moment. *Smiles* What I would like to do is post some of my sister’s poetry. This is from J_Love5, now this sister has been down with The Asylum since when I was sleeping keyboards in school, so please be warm…

pain driven tears

felt to the depths of my core

stemming from old childhood ways

that shaped my adulthood

for so long,

i allowed the wrong emotions

to rule and direct my paths..

and tho i feel everything..

there are times..

when i feel too much

that i get numb.

numb from loving

the wrong ones

just a little too much

see i knew they were wrong from the get go

but the attention they presented

blinded me from my common sense

that longing to be held

had me so into them.

and when i love…

i love hard..

and tho they were the wrong ones..

i gave them pieces of my heart.

passing it out like it was candy drops

not really expecting anything in return..

but hoping with a smidget of hope

that this one.. could be the one..

that one who will love me correctly..

treat me with respect

and appreciate my worth.

but back then..

i didn’t even recognize my worth

unable to see the beauty within me

so i foolishly allowed others

to shape my perspective of my beauty..

and forgetting what has always been instilled in me.

for i am fearfully and wonderfully


so in this present day

i look deep inside

and i no longer hide..

no longer afraid of me.

comfortable enough in me

to do what i have to do in order to be healthy.

acknowledging my own beauty

which empowers me

and my inner strength moves me

to smile again.

smile because..

I am happy with me.

I am happy loving me.

cuz I Am

Fearfully and



Made in the image of God.

and God don’t make no junk.

it is He who uplifts me

bringing me to

find. my. way. back. to. Happy