#MikeBrownNotes :: Allegiance, Fictional, and Pledges

Why do people of St. Louis celebrate a Cardinal’s game more than they protest and show disdain for a police department that hides and protects a US “Law enforcement” agent that kills it’s youth?


Human beings are indeed strange…


To date, I have lived through three World Series wins. None of my college debt was paid off. No one approached me with an interest free loan or grant for my business. In fact, not much ever benefits me when this occurs. What is it about humans that groups formed through heavy negotiation for the purpose of entertainment can garner our support more than those organically melded like vine to bark for the purpose of socio-political awareness if not change?


I can understand the Whyte folks. Although, race is an extremely convoluted and murky bit of abstract conceptualization, I do understand “-isms”. I understand loyalty for no other reason than belonging feels good and logical argument against it, no matter how sound or cogent, just cannot sway me to cross the borders of that cognitive dissonance. Fictive kinship when your team is the US Whytes must feel nice. Like winning not only the World Series, but the world(“…the world, Craig”). I understand why people bond to and justify the organization of evil in high places. What is it about the fictive ties of racial solidarity twisted and knotted under the whip of ofays and whip crackas, that cannot seem to surmount the bonds of territorial fanaticism even in under the impenetrable countenance of blood drenched paddy rollers?


What is the point of claiming a “Blackness” that only matters when celebrities that taunt us with their riches are given contracts by Whyte media corporations? Has the collective brunt of “Blackness” become simply a litany of “Who’s on first” and “Who’s on tonight”? And for that matter of fictive tacit bonds, how can a person be more emotionally charged by the actions of a team that only bears a nominal loyalty to them when those that actually live in St. Louis–metropolitan and other areas–are asking for support and none is given? It is “cool” and acceptable socially to show allegiance to a baseball team that bears the name of the city, but not to actual citizens in the city?


I am actually willing to never get answers to any of these questions. There is a certain existentialist reflection I have allowed to eat past midnight in my mind. One of my new favorite US Black urban aphorisms is,”it is what it do.” I do not know how much I am able to alter the thoughts of those I see loudly supporting a patriarchal penis massage in athletic garb while secretly supporting or not supporting at all the growing movement of a child slain in their city.


I am more willing to simply note my observations and do my best to begin placing names on the actors engaged.


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