#MikeBrownNotes :: Amplifying Ferguson Family Activists

Ferguson Family Activists –or those individuals and groups that decided to volunteer themselves to a committed struggle of extended protest, disruption, community engagement and upliftment stemming from the murder of Mike Mike Brown by former Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson– are still active. While the mainstream national and international media platforms have caused what I dub, media silence, those of us who create and maintain digital content are still capable lending our collective hands in an effort to add tone in this space. While many might not consider amplifiers necessarily a part of the protest movement, as a major contributor the Twitter Amplification Machine, I must disagree emphatically.


For whatever reason, it is still necessary for me to remind many individuals what I wrote in 2010. There seem to still be many people that have not recognized that we write the web.


We write the web.


We are the media.


Many of us have more web based connections to each other than many of those active in protest, mobilization, and organization in Ferguson. Our ability to create content and amplify the voices of those on the ground often surpasses that of even our more financed colleagues of the internet content creation trade. Let us take a look at the magnitude of impact of one area of our involvement using digital means.



As you can see, for shows like Empire, at least, the impressions outweigh the actual users creating the impressions by substantial numbers. The sheer reach of most of us in this era is palpable. Never underestimate that. In the months following the murder of Mike Mike, the corporate media provide clues that it would only give coverage of Ferguson Family Activists(FFA) if they were either burning down(or being accused of burning down) QuikTrips or if they were being teargas by military style(or the actual military) police units. The local St. Louis establishment media proved that they were not willing to present any discussion regarding the FFA without it being biased in favor of local metropolitan police or municipality police. So, there is still a need for our writing, or likes, our RTs, and our posts regarding the FFA.


Due to the size and diverse scope of the strategies and tactics implemented by certain groups and organizations that fall under the umbrella of FFA, a thorough or exhaustive list of sites and resources would be nice, but it would have to be built over time. In essence, I do not have one, but I can present some of the sites, resources, and Twitter handles that


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