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Anthony Robinson, murdered at 19 by killer cop, Matt Kenny


On Friday, March 6, 2015, 19 year young Tony Robinson was murdered by Madison police. According to the Wisconsin State Journal, Chief Mike Koval states that an officer following calls about a man allegedly responsible for a prior battery, had been swerving in and out of traffic, approached Tony’s apartment after Tony went inside. The pig, as stated by Koval, hears a noise, breaks into the youth’s house, and shoots young Tony with his service weapon.


Now, granted, some troll(a user I do not follow, does not follow me, and only wishes to be antagonistic) sent an update to me on Twitter with this link in it, which lead to me seeing this:



It turns out to be accurately referring to the same Tony Robinson that was slaughtered by a killer cop. Like I told the person that sent this to me, showing me images of young people with guns only reminds me of the times that me and my friends played with them, like most of the men in the United States growing up here have. Sending me links showing youth with arrests records, only saddens me, because now I am wondering if Tony could also have went to college, written a few books, and inspired others despite having a felony. Just like this one writer I know…



Anthony Robinson, murdered at 19 by killer cop, Matt Kenny



In an article found on Huffington Post, the cop is revealed as Officer Matt Kenny. This particular killer cop also had killed another person, Ronald Brandon, in 2007, but was “cleared” of wrongdoing(this is the wording they use for killing people) due to the incident being regarded as “suicide by cop”.


During the first crime scene investigation, a cadre of organizers and demonstrators band together to protest yet another young person murdered by police. Some of those involved were members of the Young, Gifted and Black Coalition. While many around the nation gathered at the spectacle and revisionist party, #Selma50, others were gathered in the streets to rally the name of the slain Tony. Others still decided to frame this incident– as well as many of the other slain youth by killer US cops—as the result of bad decision-making.










This video illustrates the thoughts of one of those such persons.



The first thing– this guy’s neck’s introduction, in fact– is to refer to Tony as a “gentle giant”. This phrase is borrowed from the appellation used to refer to Mike Mike Brown. In fact, the term was actually used by Mike’s mother to refer to her son. Here, it is being used by Stubbles(I actually do not know this Youtuber’s name) as a sardonic attack that sets the tone and bias for the rest of his rant.


His next set of thoughts lay out the foundation for his overall theory(he states it is very important) about Tony’s murder, or at least the reason Tony is murdered by killer cop, Matt Kenny. In this theory, Stubbles proffers that Tony lives in a town where Black men random impregnate Whyte Women and hints that this most likely Tony’s familial situation. Ultimately, this is pure speculation and Stubbles presents it in such a matter-fact-manner which reminds me of a Tariq Nasheed recording. Here we have this individual, too cowardly to show is face on his video, that decides to base an entire theory of who Tony Robinson is based on the place and image information found on Tony’s Facebook page.


He then goes into this diatribe about Obama’s liberal policies and economic reform. For the most part, I am like, “whatever”. The use of partisan politics to frame the basis for this particular brand of “fatherless US Blacks sons” as reasons for their own murder is not lost on me. Daddy Barry’s policies are not much different than any other safety net provided under George W. Bush, and more importantly, we do not know if Tony’s father was on Section 8 or his mother. It is pure speculation, and specious to boot.


The next set of arguments he presents are regarding the actions of the killer cop Matt Kenny. It is interesting if only for the fact that Stubbles is able to evoke Trayvon’s killer, George Zimmerman. Often, in discussions like this, most people will immediately say that George Zimmerman is not a cop. This is something I argue against by stating that Georgie was close enough to the police of Sanford to, one, be called “Georgie”, and two to be allowed to walk out of a police station after killing someone due to his status a community watchman. Yet, I do believe his only reason for doing this is so that after he goes through this praise dance of Whyte people and his further disdain for US Blacks, he place Georgie in a set of superhero Whyte men that never give up until the body is dropped.


And ultimately, it is at this point that I just start laughing. In fact, I stopped calling him Stubbles, and started calling him Uncle Ruckus- the Boondocks’ character best described as the bitter old Black man that hates US Blacks and loves Whytes so much that he has invited a disease to explain why he is a dark skinned Whyte man. I almost do not have a problem with this guy. I am glad he exists. He allows me a reason to not feel so awful when I write about my dislike of the plural pronoun,“We”.


A guy like Uncle Stubbles is one of many examples of why “we” simply does not work when discussing race, fictive kinship obligation, and the US Black. I could almost stomach a guy like this if only his place was purely partisan politics. I do not like Obama’s position on most things, either, nor do I identify as a US Democrat. However, this is not the only concern Uncle Ruffkneck has. He does not like only dislike US Black men, he seems to wish he was a Whyte man!!! His adoration is just as high as his delusions of grandeur regarding his intelligence. I cannot be in a group with animal such as this.


It is quite alright to belong to a race of people and not feel connected to them. Race is a very large designation for a group. It seems to be one step below species. There is the biped thinking mammal, and then there is the biped thinking mammal that kills based on skin hue and visible ancestral phenotypic traits. I simply cannot bind my Self based on a fictive kinship(hell, even if me and cuzz was related, I would disassociate from him) where the only going standard is that we belong to the same race. It is almost as preposterous as me financially defending some state that kills, robs land, and employs a modern day apartheid. But, since I cannot leave the United States of America, I have to accept that my tax money goes to Israel. But I can voice dissent; and I can propose that anyone silly enough to think they have to call this deranged caricature, “brother”, or to believe he would ever support a “Black” cause, deserves the pain his brand of confused historically comes with.


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