My Thoughts On White Privilege In The Age Of The First White-Kenyan US President

“Because habit is transactional, in a raced and racist world, the psychosomatic self necessarily will be racially and racistly constituted. Race is not a veneer lacquered over a nonracial core. It composes the very bodily and psychical beings that humans are and the particular ways by which humans engage the world. Like gender and sexism, sexuality and compulsory heterosexuality, disability and bias toward ability, class and class oppression, and other characteristics of contemporary human beings, race and white privilege are constitutive features of human existence and experience as they currently occur. Sometimes these habits are consciously felt, other times not, but in all cases they help make up who and what human beings are.” – Shannon Sullivan, “Revealing Whiteness: The Unconscious Habits of Racial Privilege”, pg. 24


My Thoughts On white Privilege in the Age of the first White-Kenyan US President are that White Male privilege did not grow in the bushes of manicured lawns, so neither can Black privilege.


Often, it can be difficult for me to separate my daily pains that are a consequence of my actions, from those that were accrued from the society and global experiences that weigh heavy on all US Black people. And I can be honest enough with my Self to admit that yes, I have made erroneous decisions in my life that impact my present welfare. I can also be analytic enough to say, well, yeah, there is an entire sub-culture of people that fear, are intimidated by, just do not understand or are completely oblivious of people that look like me or come from my background that control and operate the resource distribution channels of this country.


White Male privilege can be difficult for me to discuss. In the same manner, I suppose that some very enlightened and hardworking Black Women find it difficult to discuss “Black Male privilege”(I wrote “some”, if that does not include you, then it does not). Not so much that “White Male privilege” does not exist, but that when you are a person that fights hard, doesn’t give up, and is bright, you tend to earn a right to this little thing call pride that often makes you forget that it is not always your fault things have not gone as you’ve planned.


I do not want my efforts to be overcast or shadowed by some amorphous dynamic cast and created by a select few White men that decided to rub their resources together and not allow me into their reindeer games. It would be the loudest skeleton turning in a casket in recorded history if I found out my legacy was reduced to what people did not allow me to do versus what I overcame. Yet, people are not always their accomplishments. Many of us are simply the results of a privilege born by the atrocious and predatory acts of others that look like us.


“Modes of public expression in black and white communities can vary considerably, but only white, middle-to-upper-class modes of behavior tend to be utilized and viewed as appropriate in class discussions.” – Shannon Sullivan, “Revealing Whiteness: The Unconscious Habits of Racial Privilege”, pg. 24


Deep down, I do not have an issue with that. I just wish I was playing on a more determined and aware team. As the metaphor in the Black community as been stated, I do not want to run on a team that cannot learn to accurately pass the baton. No one is going to be able to convince those that have determined that the world is their birthright to “civilize” no matter how uncivil that piece of deed might be. Begging for rights and a human dignity that should be a default has only resulted in the murders of a great number of very talented and thoughtful set of Human Beings.


I am not against the collective White citizenry of the United States. I am not. I sincerely doubt most of them even know what the hell is going on.


I am not against the collective White Male citizenry of the United States. I am sure a sizeable portion of them cannot even spell “privilege” let alone decipher it when it gives them a professional career without considering they cannot spell.


Hey, if I was a part of a collective that understood the power of unity to the point where they would give me a staff position even if I had a criminal conviction before a person without one just because they did not look like my brother or sister, hell, I’d take advantage, too. But unfortunately, I do not.


White Male privilege did not enter existence with the blade of grass. It did not sprout in the valley of the Pyramids alongside the Nile. White privilege did not find its origin as vegetation, fruit, rock, water, or air. White Male privilege was fought for. It was hard earned. It was a success story too long for a Twitter update, too bloody for an MSNBC discussion.


Sometimes when you play the victim too long, you become your own victimizer. Reforming an economy based on United States Slavery will never produce an egalitarian society. Black people asking for reform in this country is like a man being raped in prison asking his rapist to only put the tip in. The violation is too huge; the solution too demanding.


The US Black believes that because they have galvanized at the polls to elect a man born of a White college student and a deadbeat Kenyan that they have developed leverage enough to topple the socio-economic beasts that drain them daily. Has White privilege fled the White House just because Michelle Obama chooses the flowers in the garden?


White Male privilege did not grow in the bushes of manicured lawns, neither can Black privilege.


“In social psychology, the term <i>aggression</i> is generally defined as any behavior that is intended to harm another person who does not want to be harmed…” – Baron & Richardson, 1994(Citing found Advanced Social Psychology, pg. 304)


The treatment of the descendants of US Slaves, the Afrikans in the United States of America that derive their present citizenship because of their ancestor’s choice to be here, but a forced immigration, has been the same since July 4, 1776. It is the texture of US society for Blacks to be over worked, underpaid, housed in the worse conditions, and dehumanized through media. Reform measures such as the Civil Rights legislation has only presented a socio-psychological dynamic where Black people look at White people as those to seek permission to be treated as humans from. Any government that has to legislate human treatment is the government of a country of savages that do not deserve to be feared but to be defended against. White privilege is the residue of conquering savages reproducing and legitimizing their savagery through sophistication. White privilege is the ostracism of Blacks from certain circles of resource and capital heavy social pockets.


“Aggression is not an emotion that occurs inside a person, such as an angry feeling. Aggression is not a thought that occurs inside someone’s brain, such as mentally rehearsing a murder you would like to commit. Aggression is a social behavior because it involves at least two people.” Ibid., pg. 305


The prolonged fear of admitting that the United States of America as a social study is bound to a creed of extending White privilege globally is to beg for the diminishing of Black people. The reason why Obama, the half Kenyan whose bloodline never crosses through the genetic trauma of Jim Crow USA, can promote the safety of the Israel state while it practices its own form of apartheid and holocaust on Palestinians and Afrikans is because he is the face of global white privilege. It is a team effort to conquer a planet, and team at that level is referred to as an allied force.


White Male privilege did not grow in the bushes of manicured lawns, neither can Black privilege.


“In social psychology, violence is aggression that has extreme physical harm, such as injury or death, as its goal.” Ibid., pg. 305


I am not against privilege. I think it is a very sagacious response to the demands of an aggressive humanity. Much of humanity is aggressive and bound by territorial, religious, or ideological systems. The insatiable appetite of human groups with mastery of war and destruction demands an equal or more forceful threat to be warded off. Lest that human group consume every other grouping in its path of fulfillment.


White Male privilege did not grow in the bushes of manicured lawns, neither can Black privilege.


Physical aggression involves harming others with body parts or weapons (e.g., hitting, kicking, stabbing, or shooting them). Verbal aggression involves harming others with words (e.g., yelling, screaming, swearing, name calling). Relational aggression (also called social aggression is defined as intentionally harming another person’s social relationships, feelings of acceptance by others, or inclusion within a group…Some examples of relational aggression include saying bad things about people behind their backs, withdrawing affection to get what you want, excluding others from your circle of friends, and giving someone the ‘silent treatment’. Relational aggression is similar to the concept of ostracism. Ostracism refers to being excluded, rejected, and ignored by others…)” ibid., pg. 305-306