Notes From A Psyche-Evaluation(1st Quarter)

“Going through this thang y’all…about to pull this thang out…BUT IT’S AGAINST THE LAW…” – Erykah Badu, “Agitation”, New American Part Two(2010)

One growth spurt that I have picked up recently was a more comprehensive understanding of groupthink. I originally had the popular understanding that groupthink was more about conforming in a sort of Orwellian manner. After reading the section on it, and watching Erykah Badu’s video entitled “Window Seat”, and observing the reactions to that, I can admit to having a much more comprehensive understanding of it now, than then. Groupthink affects decision making and judgment because it proceeds from a very influential place: one’s peers, one’s authority figures, and even one’s idols(role models, possibly).

In the past week I have been criticized for critiquing Erykah Badu’s piece, supposedly a passionate artistic depiction of expression. I felt it was sexy. The video is of Ms. Badu stripping naked while walking the route that Former President John Kennedy took before his assassination. She is originally from Dallas, Texas, so I understood the underlying tones. However, I still felt that as a video that is as sensationalistic, resonating on primal levels for certain, there was more than just artistic expression being displayed. Furthermore, I still reserve the right to critique an artist. Especially an artist that has a great influence on people.

For me the problem of group decision making is the questioning of authority. When I say authority, I’m speaking about “experts”. I don’t have any evidence that can remotely suggests that the findings with regard to people being apt at choosing the expert opinion is incorrect. I would question the control environment in which any study of this nature would have to be conducted under. In cases of emotional appeals of influence it can be difficult for people to think critically. In fact, the most emotionally appealing(highest sensual[“of the senses”] expression/vibration) person becomes the “expert.” And it would seem as though their suggestions on any topic will be considered sanctioned by a body of their peers.

It can be difficult for a group of people to think and operate correctly if they are homogenous. The more we think alike, the fewer differences of opinion we can create, and the more difficult it will be to create best case versus worst case scenarios. If the judgment is based on a group of people’s emotional appeal to the “expert” of the group, then even more likely because we are all conforming based on our need to appease the “expert”.

Regardless, I felt the sting pretty deeply. The only case that anyone has been able to present for the defense of this video is Ms. Badu’s closing segment, while she is completely nude she simulates being shot. While on the ground a blueish green fluid flows from her head that reads “Group Think.” And this is what makes the piece supposedly political, and because she is a popular, “conscious” American Black woman, I am not supposed to critique her. Go figure, right?

eh…”get munny…don’t run from me trying to get away…”…

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