Obama The Coward Or Just The Magically Detached Negro?

There can be an exceptionally pleasing state of mind that prevents the intolerable from damaging our better judgment and reacting by cracking the skull of a person limited in their ability to remain silent in whatever form in regards to their dislike of you. It can be a joy to admit that the only thing keeping me in this cerebral utopia is my lack of access to said person’s skull, but I probably should be using this space to write more ecumenical thoughts, yes?

Sure, whatever.



So, I thought about the lack of response from the Obama administration respecting the “black face” images of one of the Israeli military’s most visible spokesman, Sacha Dratwa. Now, it is extremely difficult for me to believe that a guy leading one of the world’s most protected nation’s social media campaigns does not at least posses a cursory understanding of the racist nature of his acts. The portrayal of White men in caricature from the days when Thomas “Daddy” Rice donned charcoal paste and burnt cork on his face while singing “Jump Jim Crow” to Ted Danson plastering his pale skin with whatever that substance was he used while dating Whoopi Goldberg, the message of racist propaganda and the legacy of brutality associated with USA’s treatment of Blacks has never been funny or appropriate. This is beyond distasteful. It is offensive in the same manner that comments regarding United States President Barack Husein Obama from former head of US and NATO forces in Afghanistan, General McCrystal, were deemed intolerable and insubordinate, resulting in Obama’s public termination of one the most powerful general’s of the US Army.







It is interesting that on the strength of a Rolling Stones’ article, Obama responded within days, which is not quite as fast as he responded to George W. Bush’s initial “Bank Bailout” bill not being passed, but much faster than the month it took him to respond to the murder of Trayvon Martin, but who is counting right? Discretionary politics of the first guy to be elected to the most visible position in the land whose mother had jungle fever, it does begin to sit uncomfortably that this guy may never be more than a symbol of a shell of Blackness. I am not one of those that clamored their Twitter stream with complaints about O-beezy’s more patient strategist side(see Obama’s reaction before being pressed to appear angered by the BP oil spill) nor his more academic approach(see Obama during first debate with Mitt Romney). However, there is something that reeks of cowardice beyond posturing when Obama cannot respond to the most racial of overtones, a Belgian turned Israeli Military leader painted with a mud face and proclaiming he is doing it “Obama style” for the international social media community. I do not expect Barry to get on the horn with Joe Biden hopping out of Air Force One on Israeli soil with his foamposites laced up to go fisticuffs with the young Drawta, but I do expect him to at the least address the ramifications of such behavior.

I anticipate the new age banter of Obama being “above” such activity, but he was not above the immediate termination of a worker groomed in a culture of aggressive locker room talk within days of an article released. He was not above holding national press conferences announcing his administration’s support of a nation bombing what amounts to a small city(the Gaza Strip is about twice the size of Washington, DC), basically an army attacking the citizens that happen to be surrounding a gang upset that their land has gone from a state to a strip. Does Mr. President and those that will defend him, understand that yes, people died for Blacks to vote, they also died fighting stereotypical representations of their people. Why is it that the only “Black” aspect of Barack are superficial cultural aspects? Is the second first Black president’s only claim to the US Black his ability to dribble a ball, his Ipod playlist, and possibly his marriage to Michelle? Hell, that makes him less Black than the last Black president that came out of the womb of a White woman!

It should be noted here that the Jewish nation of Israel is the product of western imperial muscle and dishonest wordplay(we’ve seen these guys do this elsewhere…), and manipulation. As a nation formed for the Jewish peoples who were tortured and murdered in Germany, one can guarantee that the Jews would not put up with the head of a US social media group(let alone the damn military) portraying a Black man with a beard cut in the style of Hitler or some other insensitive depiction. The United States Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Elizabeth Rice is now being crucified by Republicans for her part in the obviously opportunistic media spin by the Obama administration of the events that led up to the attack of US diplomatic post in Benghazi by a group who were claimed to have been incensed over a movie portrayal of Prophet Muhammad. Regardless of actual events, it was not difficult to believe that many Muslims could or would be upset by that movie. Most people will respond to racial, ethnic, or religious attacks of such nature…no matter how “above” many are willing to lie to them Selves in an attempt to justify their moral cowardice.

It is quite obvious from the Half-Kenyan United States’ President’s response to Chicago violence that he is disattached from the Blacks who have given him the most consistent support. It is also difficult to overlook his inability to respond in a timely manner to things that most Blacks would have already spoken on. I only pray that one day Blacks of the US will not have to suffer the assault of sensibilities from White people and one day we have more courageous leaders.

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